If you want to upgrade your decor in a few budgets, this is the answer. Take $5 from your pocket and get the best paint for your wall. Painting the empty wall needs not professional skills. Even a DIY newbie can do it easily. You only have to show your creativity to spruce up your empty wall decor appearance. In this article, we give you on-budget painting ideas that will upgrade your wall. Having a beautiful room doesn’t have to spend a lot of money, right? Check them out further and get inspiration to improve your own wall look.

Create Beautiful Wall Mural

Create beautiful wall mural


Buy earthy color paint to make this mural. This large-scale mural is made of some paint that combined well to create a natural view. The creator draws the green hill and road on the wall. Applying this mural to the bathroom wall will be a great idea. It will make the wall look fresh and enchanting.

Abstract Artwork on the Wall

Adding an artistic piece to the wall is a nice thing to do. No matter what the season is, abstract art will not go out of date. See this picture with a framed artwork made of the shade of red hues. Creating this art is not hard as long as you have the paint and canvas.

Paint The Window Frame

Upgrade your room decor will not be hard at all. If there is a window, you can repaint the window frame with a matching color. In this room, we see the owner paints the window frame with the same color tone as the wallpaper. This little touch makes a great difference to the whole room decoration, doesn’t it?

DIY Fake Wallpaper

Instead of adding wallpapers on this room wall, the creator chooses to paint some eyes. Wallpaper could be so messy and costly, but painting will only need $5. The patterns look so simple but create a huge difference. Eyes’ stencil is not a hard technique. Even a DIY newbie can do it in less than a day. Furthermore, almost anyone can draw eyes.

DIY Beautiful Rainbow Shelves

What about this way? The shelves are painted well in a rainbow look that dramatically changes this room decoration. This painting way will work well for any gender. So your kids, girls or boys, will love this decoration. Adding colorful touch to the kids’ room will create a cheerful feeling. Moreover, the paints will not cost much. Just around $5 and you will get a dreamy room decor.

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