These days, your living room isn’t looking very lively. How can you kick it up a notch?

The tried-and-true way of transforming any room is to paint it. Painting is easy to do yourself, has a dramatic impact, and boosts the value of your home.

If you’re looking for ideas to fuel your creativity, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together a few color schemes and designs you can use to give your living room a total makeover.

Trendy Colors to Consider

Here are some of the most popular wall colors in 2021:


It’s undeniably satisfying to see a splash of cream lighten the color of your black coffee or tea. Why not do the same to your living room walls?

Brighten up your living space with a hint of creamy white or beige paint. It pairs well with practically any set of furniture or wall art.

Slate gray

This shade has been popping up everywhere recently. It’s modern, sleek, and clean. A deep shade of gray turns a bland living room into one that’s sophisticated and cutting-edge. 

Navy blue

Living rooms are a place to relax. You can kick your feet up and put on a movie, play a game, or chat with friends and family. A comforting shade of blue is a great way to create an atmosphere of serenity and peace. Add a splash of green to turn it into teal, which sets up an underwater aesthetic. 


You’ve painted your walls in the past, but it wasn’t as transformative as you hoped. Try adding a pattern when you paint instead, like one of the following:


Let your creativity run free with striped walls. Go for a classic look with alternating black and white bands, or create a unique theme using a select range of shades. 

Geometric shapes

A sharp and modern look can be achieved with designer shapes. Paint your walls with a myriad of triangles, diamonds, and circles. It shows off your artistic sides and makes your walls a point of interest rather than something in the background.  


This fun shape will be a topic of conversation. You can paint matching shapes or use contrasting shades. Use painter’s tape to get clean edges and corners. Since this style can be very eye-catching, you might want to save it for only one wall. 


This style is for more than just hair dye—it’s also a beautiful way to liven up your walls. The paint will fade from one color to another, creating a smooth transition.


Popcorn ceilings have fallen out of favor for more reasons than their outdated aesthetic—many of them contain asbestos. However, that doesn’t mean textured walls are off-limits. You’ve got a lot of options, like comb, orange peel, and sand swirl, just to name a few.

Creating texture is trickier than it looks. You may need to call a professional painter to help you achieve this style.

Accent Walls

Part of you wants to paint your walls a color that blends in with the furniture. But the other part of you wants a pop of something bolder. With an accent wall, you can have the best of both. Make 3 of your walls a neutral tone (like brown, white, or gray) but save the last one for something bold (yellow, purple, or mint). 

A Word of Warning:

You’ve decided on the perfect paint idea for your living room, but before you break out the bucket and roller, take a pause.

It’s so important to prep before you paint. If you skip this vital step, it won’t matter how gorgeous your color scheme is—all your careful planning and hard work will be overshadowed by imperfections in the paint. Flakes, cracks, or bubbles will transform your walls in the wrong way. 

Start by protecting all your furniture with drop cloths or moving it out of the room. Next, clean your walls. Use hot water, soap, and a towel or sponge. After it dries, paint a coat of primer, let that dry, and then you’re ready to add the paint.

Once your walls are painted, the next step is pairing them with the right furniture and decorations. Accentuate your new walls with rustic live edge slabs on your coffee table. If you’ve opted for an earthy theme, the rough wood will fit in perfectly. Pair it with a few potted plants and you’ve practically got a whole new living room!

We hope that these paint ideas inspire you to revamp your living room walls. When you apply these styles, your walls can be a topic of conversation or a complementary background for your other decorations.

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