13 Fragrant Ways to Make Natural Spring Air Fresheners

Whether you know it or not, your house has a unique smell. Making your home a positive place to be is sometimes as simple as making it smell good. Scents can affect a person’s mood or work performance. Avoid the harsh artificial scents provided by chemical packed store bought air fresheners. Nature has much to offer when it comes to perfuming our home with beautiful aromas. Here we founds some awesome homemade scent recipes that to make your home smell more spring-y

Fun Things To Do With Leaves This Spring

Spring has come, the weather is getting warmer and the leaves begin to green. Let “save” the green leaf color by bringing it into your home. There are many DIY projects that you can do with the leaves. So do not wait until summer comes, start now to bring green freshness into your home decor.

Marvelous diy mirrors you can easily make yourself

Marvelous DIY Mirrors You Can Easily Make Yourself

Do you spend much time in front of the mirror? If your answer is yes, you need to have a different mirror. It is the one that made by yourself with beautiful design. So, the mirror is not only reflected your body overall but also gives aesthetic value for your room. Here are some inspirations of DIY mirror for you;

Awesome DIY Ideas on A Budget with Mason Jar

Invented and patented by John, Landis Mason back in 1858, hence the name, Mason jars were originally created to help with the preservation of food. The jars are still being used today and their utility has gone beyond the original intended purpose. Mason jar crafts and projects have been a craze for a long time now. Mason jars are easy to find and are quite affordable. You can find them at your local craft store or use old jars from your recycling. It’s shocking the amazing things you can make with just a little bit of creativity.

Creative Mailbox Makeover To Brighten Your House

Improving your home is fun, but it can spend a lot of time and money. Sometimes the smaller details that spend less time and money can really make a big difference in making the house look neat and even friendly. The first thing people see when they visit you in your house is the mailbox. Usually mailboxes are homogeneous and often they can be ignored. Sure, you can buy a funny or new mailbox from the store but make yourself much more fun. So try these mailbox projects to get inspired.

Creative DIY Garden Sign and Tag Ideas

Gardening is a nice activity to do. Even sometimes, gardening feeds your soul because when the plants you plant grow thrives it will satisfy yourself. In gardening, you can also add some signs and tags in the certain area of the plants. It is not only useful as the marker to identify the kind of plant itself, but also can make your garden look more alive. Let us share some ideas of garden sign and tag that you can do it by yourself.

Creative ways to display your succulent

Creative Ways To Display Your Succulents Ideas

Succulent is a nice planter that fresh our room. This planter is usually placed indoor or outdoor. The colors and varieties of succulent make it become one of the most cheerful planters. Here are some creative ways to plant succulents at your house;