How many books do you have? If there are thousands of books in your bookshelves and you don’t have any space to save them, repurposing might a great idea. There are various ways to use old books as home accents to make your room look more attractive with classic touches here and there.  Without become an artist, you can upcycle old books into amazing crafts. See these lists to inspire you more!

Old Book Clock

Old book clock

What about this craft? The creator changes an old book into a classic clock. This DIY might need some minutes to craft but the result will be so awesome. Use the front part as the clock face. Find a clock machine in the nearest store.

Add Inspiring Quote

Add inspiring quote

Take some books and arrange them horizontally. Then, tie them with a ribbon. Write down your favorite quotes like this picture. You may need more books as many as the words that you will write later on. Feel free to choose the font style and color s you like.

Favorite Word From Old Book

Favorite word from old book

If you have two same books in your bookcase, why don’t change one of them as a word? In this picture, the creator repurposes the book to the word “READ.” You are pleased to do so or change the word with your favorite.

3D Flower Book

3d flower book

It is easy to make and doesn’t require an expert to finish this DI project. Even, you spend less than 30 minutes. Just shape some pages into some curves. You may get more curves if the book is thick enough. Then, tie them with a ribbon to stack the curves. See how wonderful the flower is.

Farmhouse Accents From Old Books

Farmhouse accents from old books

Are you questioning how to make knives storage? In this picture, we show you a farmhouse accent made of old books. See how the creator stores the knives in the old books. Feel free to add pinecone or other farmhouse pieces.

Monogram Old Books

Monogram old books

What cool table accents! The owner of this house uses the old books as home accents that are cool enough. You may need a machine to cut the old book into a monogram.  These is super creative ideas that affordable for almost anyone.

Framed Book Pages

Framed book pages

Take one or more book pages by copying them in oversize page prints. Then, apply a wooden framed to make them more eye-catching. Then, this space will be your favorite.

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