Most people who live in a big city adore minimalist decorations for their room. This Christmas, we recommend some ideas to decorate your living room in Scandinavian styles. As we know that Scandinavian deals with neutral colors like white, black, and brown. This style works well for houses in a big city which have small living room spaces. However, it will not be a mistake to add other colors that related to Christmas Day like green and red.

Kitchen With A Simple Christmas Tree

Kitchen with a simple christmas tree

The owner of this house decorates the kitchen in a simple decoration with a small Christmas tree. There are crystal balls on the trees that spruce up this room instantly. Look at the cabinet full of plates to add a more decorative look. We love the gifts around the tree as well.

Mini Christmas Tree in Scandi Kitchen

Mini christmas tree in scandi kitchen

You don’t have to make a big change in the kitchen for Christmas. This picture shows us that the Scandinavian kitchen only needs a tiny Christmas tree to get the Holiday spirit. No need for additional accessories anymore. The simpler, the better.

Scandinavian Christmas Kitchen Countertop Decor

Scandinavian christmas kitchen countertop decor

Decorate your kitchen countertop for Christmas Day is not a big thing. No need for a bow or ribbon in this space. Scandinavian deals with neutral and simple elements. Look at the pendant light that looks so eye-catching and a tiny Christmas tree on the countertop. They appear as a great combination.

Scandi Christmas Kitchen Corner Decor

Scandi christmas kitchen corner decor

Can you find which one the Christmas element in this kitchen is? Yes. The one that stands against the wall. There is a piece of a blackboard with a Christmas Day drawing. Feel free to write down any messages on the board too. Let the kitchen be more attractive with this super simple thing.

Reindeer Art in Black Kitchen

Reindeer art in black kitchen

Pay attention to the black wall that shows a great shelf with reindeer art. The owner also adds a tiny Christmas tree on the shelf. There is a big artwork on a black canvas with graphic design that works well with the whole Scandinavian elements in this kitchen.

Mini Christmas Tree in Nordic Country Kitchen

Mini christmas tree in nordic country kitchen

In this kitchen, we find a mini Christmas tree in a basket that looks so fresh. Then, there is a green wreath as well on the window. The green elements give a fresh look in this neutral kitchen.

Scandinavian Star Decor And Mini Christmas Tree

Scandinavian star decor and mini christmas tree

Sometimes, a simple decoration looks more than you think. See this kitchen that appears so dramatic with a star and mini Christmas tree. No other accessories needed here.


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