You can take a simple bedroom and turn it into a stunning space by decorating with your DIY creations. There are many ways to do this without spending too much time or money. Try these ideas to make your bedroom look stunning!

Bed Decor

White linen sheets are much more expensive than colored or printed ones, but they can make any room look brighter and larger because of their complete lack of color. The lightness makes walls seem whiter too, so the difference in tones will be very noticeable. White bedding also creates a clean background for patterns, prints, and textures. According to the folks behind Sleep.8, a throw blanket or bedding is also a fun way to decorate your bed. Decorate using any color that you like – even if it’s not in the rest of the room. Let’s say that you want to add a dominant color of purple to your bedroom. Place the throw blanket (or quilt) on your bed and see how it looks. If you’re not satisfied with it, change it for another color in your scheme, such as blue or red. 

Using Mirrors

Place a mirror at the end of your bed to make your bedroom look bigger because it reflects an additional foot of wall space. Mirrors are also great for making ceilings seem higher, which is always good if you want to create the illusion of more height in a room that doesn’t have much. Also, having a mirror directly above your dresser will make it look larger, even if it isn’t. It’s also good for making the ceiling seem higher because you’ll see the sky reflected in the glass when standing at your dresser – this is especially true if you have windows on different walls of your room. You could also hang a mirror vertically above an armoire to achieve the same effect of enlarging what’s behind it while creating depth so that everything looks more three-dimensional. This works well with narrow spaces too, like corner armoires or closets, where nothing else can fit but vertical space. You can also cut a mirror into small pieces and create a mosaic piece that will go on your closet door, wall, or on your nightstands, depending on where you think it will be best.

Hang Curtains on the Wall Behind Your Headboard

You can decorate your window by hanging sheer curtains from a curtain rod high above them. This will also help to make the ceiling feel higher because there won’t be anything blocking it – you’ll be able to see right up there, so the room will have an additional sense of height. You don’t usually place headboards flush against walls – they’re usually placed about 12 inches behind them so that there’s enough space for pillows and other bedding elements, such as blankets and throws. That means you can use this space to hang curtains without having them interfere with anything else in your room. Arrange them so that they hang flat against the wall. For a more finished look, sew a rod pocket at either end and insert curtain rings to use with a pole or rod attached to the wall directly behind it. 

Decorative Touches

Wallpaper is very expensive nowadays because it’s not as popular as other types of home decor, but it’s one of those elements that make a huge impact without costing too much money. If you want an accent piece on your walls, use wallpaper instead of paint or fabric because it will cover a larger area and create another design element – plus it will help to define your room’s style. A plus tip is using porcelain decor. Porcelain is very delicate and beautiful, so place bowls or vases full of porcelain pieces that you’ve collected over time on surfaces throughout your bedroom. You could even turn some into lamps by placing tealight candles inside them! Another idea is to hang light fixtures made of porcelain pieces around your window. If you manage to find porcelain pieces at a thrift store, paint them different colors to bring some fun into the bedroom.

Different Shapes and Textures

Play around with textures and shapes to create a unique look that is all your own. This will also help you achieve a personal style that you can build upon over time as you decorate more of your home – the possibilities are endless! Create depth in your bedroom by using different heights for everything from lighting fixtures to wall hangings, floor lamps, posters, and art prints. This will make it feel like there’s more going on (in a good way!) but it won’t be too cluttered-looking either – this is because you’ll be creating layers with height differences instead of trying to fill up space with too many objects within one level. These ideas will go a long way toward making your bedroom look stunning, but they’re all easy to do using DIY home decorating techniques – you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money on them!

Upcycle A Vintage Cabinet Into A Unique Piece

There are many unique designs available for bedroom furniture, but to save a lot of money on decorating, consider upcycling a vintage cabinet instead. You can turn an old wooden dresser or armoire into anything you want by painting it and adding decorative elements to it – this is also a good way to get rid of any imperfections from its previous life before bringing it to your home. If the piece has been damaged in some way that you don’t like or that makes it unusable, then cut out that part completely and replace it with something else! For example, if there’s a broken drawer front, remove the entire drawer box and add new paneling so that the front will be smooth without any cracks or holes. 

There are many ways to make a bedroom look stunning without spending a lot of time or money. These ideas will save you money and time, plus they’ll help your bedroom feel more personal because they’re all created from items you already have or can find inexpensively at yard sales, thrift shops, etc.!

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