So, you want to spruce up your space?  You want it to feel like home but you’re not sure where to start. Decorating your apartment can be overwhelming but it’s always worth it.

Well, there is plenty of advice out there.

But if you’re looking for a different approach and some creative decorating ideas that will work in any setting and with any budget, read on!

Make Use of Mirrors

Use your space and work with it.  If you only have one window, think about ways to make the rest of the room feel open. One way is by placing mirrors opposite windows so that they double as windows and reflect natural light into the room.

This will make your space feel brighter and more open even if it isn’t. This will eliminate any unattractive or barren wall scenes and can help to draw attention towards windows for a bright look.

A Simple Touch

Adding unique accessories will help to tie your space together and bring it all together. They can be antique objects from quintessential duckeggBLUE which you can use one piece as a focal point and then mix it with other pieces that don’t quite match but still complement each other. This creates a sense of harmony and cohesion so you feel like you’re living in a carefully designed space.

Get Creative With Lighting

Lighting is essential for any room in your apartment, especially since that’s often where the natural light comes from.

Think about what lighting would work best depending on the situation; lights with dimmers are usually ideal because you can set them at whatever level works best for you. And don’t forget about up-lighting! 

Up-lights are hidden inside floor lamps or bedside lamps so they essentially turn your whole room into a mood light. It also makes furniture look dynamic and interesting instead of just plain old furniture.

Add Some Plants

Natural elements like plants instantly give life to an interior design scheme because they come straight from nature! Plus, they are so easy to maintain and can even purify the air in your space.

If you’re not about keeping plants alive but still want the effect of freshness around your place, fake flowers or green wreaths are just as good. You can go one step further and try making your own green wall using artificial ivy.

Whether it’s real or artificial, plants can make a huge difference to your interior design scheme.

Customize Your Furniture

Love that couch but have been thinking about changing up its look? There are plenty of ways to add personal flair to furniture that doesn’t involve any permanent changes – all it takes is a little fabric paint! Fabric paints come in many colors and finishes for you to choose from so there is no limit to what you can do with your furniture.

You can paint an accent wall, rethink your bedding arrangement by painting a cool pattern onto pillows or even turn those old thrift store end tables into something that matches the rest of your decor and looks pretty good doing it!

So don’t be afraid to get creative with interiors. It’s not as hard as it seems and the difference you make will make your space feel special and like home.

Lighten Up With Paint

Paint is also an easy option because it’s both inexpensive and accessible! You don’t need to hire a professional because you can do it yourself if you choose “washable” brands that are non-toxic too! And don’t be afraid to go bold with color choices either; white or light colors can always be repainted.

You can attempt color blocking by painting sections of your wall with different colors to create a nice contrast and add visual appeal.

Or you can even go the whole hog and paint all four walls for a brighter, more dynamic look! Just remember that you can always repaint if it doesn’t feel like the right choice after the initial feeling wears off.

Declutter Your Space Regularly

Clutter is also a big decorating no-no. Have you ever been to someone’s place and everything feels so “busy” because there is so much going on – from the pictures to the furniture, it just doesn’t work together? This can be overwhelming for both guests and residents alike, especially if the resident likes being at home!

Make sure that your space isn’t too cluttered or chaotic looking. You don’t have to clear out all of your belongings but choose a few items that will give a dynamic feel to each room, like adding cushions with bright colors or living plants instead of pots.

And make sure not to overcrowd your walls! Try putting up patterned wallpaper as an easy way of covering up bare white walls while adding a bit of detail to your space.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you get better results out of decorating projects and turn your space into a more personalized and dynamic place to live in.

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