Many people are getting too cocky when it comes to DIY projects and almost all of them give up due to the frustrations of not making them work from the first try. Additionally, some of the greater projects demand some greater devotion that most people are not ready to commit. However, this is worth it to invest some time into handling the job by yourself. Some projects can bring you multiple benefits like recycling some materials you do not use anymore and creating a completely new thing, or you can master a new skill which can be great for some future projects. Wood is definitely the material you can use the best, so there are some projects for beginners you can use for creating amazing stuff. 


It might sound bonkers but it is not. You can reuse a piece of wood making a bigger wooden tray that can serve multiple purposes. It can be a very attractive piece of kitchen equipment and you can put a lot of stuff on it. These are easily made out of a single piece of wood. You can reuse and therefore recycle some wooden pieces. If the piece of the wood was painted then you can leave the old paint and therefore make your tray look vintage. On the other hand, you can remove all paint and give the piece of wood an entirely new look. This small project is not difficult to handle and can be used for numerous purposes like giving your partner breakfast in bed. 

Wooden Bench 

If you are looking for a project that will elevate the appearance of your outdoor space then you should definitely consider making a wooden bench. You can make this one out of a couple of pieces of wood and create a perfect resting spot for your family. You can adjust the size of the bench and make it bigger or smaller. You can have fun with your children making tiny wooden benches for them. These are easily done, it takes two boards and a couple of screws for making these benches. You can also add a table for complete joy. 

Magazine Storage Containers 

Magazine storage containers are a perfect project for DIY beginners. All you will need is a couple of pieces of wood and some screws or wood glue for a more refined appearance. You can paint them or just leave them in their wooden attire for more rustic visuals. These are not just eye-catching but useful as well. This is a small project that you can do in a couple of minutes and solve a problem with the mess made by multiple magazines. You can use some imagination and curving skills and make custom-made book-holders for your bookshelves to look more attractive and vintage.  

A Rack 

This may be the simplest out of all the projects on the list. All you will need is a couple of the boards, screws, and chainsaws for this project. You should measure the length of the boards, cut them, and paint them. Then you will need a couple of screws to fix them to the wall and add some hooks for your coats and jackets. And, as easy as that you will have a unique and practical rack for your jackets, coats, and hats. This project will take you a maximum of 10 minutes to be brought to the end and is effective and efficient and completely on the budget. 

Tree Branch Shelf 

This rustic project will definitely give some spice to your living room or library. This is a project where you will need two not too thick V-shaped branches and a single board, a couple of screws, and goodwill. It is like bringing nature indoors. You should install those V-shaped branches first and make sure that they are well-leveled. This can be achieved by using a chainsaw. If you are having doubts about which chainsaw to use then you can find more information and comparative reviews available at for better results. Then, put some glue at the top of the branches and the board on top of it. And, that is it. Now you have your completely natural tree branch shelf. These can be decorated according to your own wishes to match your own indoor piece of nature. 

Stool with Shelves 

This is one of the easiest projects you can figure out in no time. You can use some old pieces of wood, you will need 5 in total. Everything you need to do is just to compose a slightly higher chair with a shelf within. You should do this in reverse order, meaning that you should figure out the sides and inner shelf and then put the very top board that will serve as the stool. This one is great for putting in your home slippers or the shoes you use every day. 

There are numerous easy and not too time-consuming wooden DIYs that can make you improve your skills and actually contribute to your living space. Additionally, you can come up with some unique solutions on the waves of inspiration and make creations, unlike others. The best part is that you can use wooden waste in creating some amazing stuff and therefore support recycling. 

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