You might see plenty of toys, games, books, and stuffed animals on the floor in your kids’ room. Picking up toys is endless. It is a most common thing that parents should treat their children how to put toys in the right place. We don’t have to spend more hours organizing all toys. So, we need more toy storage to keep them in their spot. We can use any small space for woven baskets, bins, or shelves.

With Clear Bins

With clear bins


Make the room looks more eye-catching by adding colorful wallpaper. Then, arrange the clear bins on the floor. You will help your kids to find their favorite toys easily. They create a more spacious effect without causing dullness or clutter.

Rolling Toys Storage

Organizing toys might so be confusing sometimes. We can use a rolling chart as well. It is easy to move anywhere we want. So, we can choose any space without breaking our theme. You can buy it at the store or make a DIY one with wood pallets and wheels.

Hanging Costume Storage

Dress-up clothes are what any princess wants. She will collect some dresses and become the princess she wishes to be. She will act as Aurora, Snow White, or even Cinderella. She loves to be a princess and looks pretty. Hanging costume storage is what we need to keep the room clean and neat.

Basket and Coffee Table

We will need toy storage that looks like a basket with a removable top. Just like what we see in the picture. It is a coffee table with hidden storage to save toys and keep the room tidy. You should own this to keep Legos or stuffed animals.

Use Labelled Bins

Kids have a ton of toy cars, trucks, and tanks. Keeping them in some bins with labels is the easiest way. Ask them to learn how to put each into the right bin. So, they can easily find the toys they want by seeing the label. Easy, huh? You can design the label with your version. 

Colorful Baskets and Shelves

Kids love colorful things. Use basket with different hues to make the room looks more cheerful. Add colorful shelves to add more spirit. We know this room shows happiness, and your kids will love them too. Look at the picture! It looks so mind-blowing, huh? You can do so for your playroom.


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