Reusing, Repurposing, and upcycling old doors are one of the greatest ideas to do as your homework project with your family for your home decoration. Why did it say so? Because everyone has an old door so it is not hard to find as a basic item to start. Thus, all the ideas are collected on Innovative DIY Ideas Of Reuse Old Doors For Useful Item Projects.

Antique Door And Bench Combo

This project is using chalk paint with crackle medium to create an antique look as a repurpose old door project. The supplies you need to create this project are door, bench, lag screws, screws, paint, and router.

Porch Swing Made From Old Door

Porch swing made from old door Innovative DIY Ideas Of Reuse Old Doors For Useful Item Projects


This beautiful antique door is presenting a great porch swing for your home. Besides, this porch swing is combined with a tabletop for the seat. When you have done the process to create this project you will absolutely see the gorgeous new furniture from old furniture.

Outdoor Privacy Screen Using Old Doors

People love to have outdoor privacy screens because they are sweet in dividing up your backyard or can also separate the grill area from the kids’ play spot. You can choose any door with any colors you have then pair them up.

Classical Panel Framed Full-Length Mirror

This classical panel framed full-length mirror definitely adds charm and functionality to your entryway, bathroom, or also bedroom. You can let the door with what it is but you can also paint it.

Narrow Pantry Door Study Desk Timepiece

This idea is repurposing the pantry door into a useful desk topper. Besides, the clock there will help you to keep you in an on-time setting. To create this, you can paint the door in distressed white paint to match your room décor.

DIY Door Chalkboard Calendar

Have you ever thought that this gorgeous calendar is made of an old door? It is one of the simplest DIY projects you can do together with your family at home as a weekend project.

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