If you are not a coffee drinker while you have a coffee maker, the hack ideas below are perfect for you. These will let you know the most useful and practical ways to use a coffee maker. All ideas are rounded up in Utilitarian Ideas You Can Do With The Inexpensive Press Coffee Maker.

Keep Your Herbs Fresh

Keep your herbs fresh Utilitarian Ideas You Can Do With The Inexpensive Press Coffee Maker


Let your coffee maker keep your herbs fresh by pouring an inch or two of water into the bottom of your french press, then insert the top piece about halfway. Next, place your fresh herbs upright on top of the strainer. After that, press the plunger down just enough so that the bottom of the herbs is submerged. Last, store the whole thing in your fridge. After all, you will see your herbs will stay fresh for much longer!

Rehydrate Dried Foods

Rehydrate dried foods Utilitarian Ideas You Can Do With The Inexpensive Press Coffee Maker


Rich your coffee maker when you need to rehydrate a dried food like cranberries, peppers, or mushrooms for a recipe! You can place the dried food inside and cover it with hot water. After that, let the food rehydrate for a few minutes, then press and discard the water. It is exactly an easy way to try, right?

Rinse Grains

If you want to rinse grains like rice, quinoa, and farro in a french press coffee maker! You can pour the grains into the carafe and cover them with water. Next,  put the top in place and press the plunger down to separate the water from the grains. After that, pour the water out and your grains will be rinsed and ready to cook!

Infuse Oil

What an incredible idea! You can use a french press to make delicious herb-infused olive oil. First, toss a handful of fresh herbs into the french press, such as rosemary. Then,  cover them with olive oil. Second, put the top in place and put the french press into your fridge for a couple of days. Third,  press the plunger down. Last,  pour your deliciously infused oil over bread, fish, and vegetables

Strain Wet Foods

We know that frozen foods can be really convenient, but thawing them often leaves you with a lot of extra moisture that you don’t want. Then, to get rid of all that extra water, you can use a french press! Here, you can place thawed spinach, thawed shredded potatoes, or any other kind of wet food in the french press. Last, just press the plunger down firmly and pour out the excess water.

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