If you have called for a service for your HVAC unit, you must be careful about a few things before you move forward. These services can simplify your life but in the process, you might be endangering your family members, kids, and pets if you are not mindful enough. The following section talks about a few tips that will come in handy in keeping everything smooth and efficient while the professionals are at work. Let’s read:

1. Put Away All The Remote Controls

Do you have any remote controls lying around the house? Do not make this a habit. Always keep your HVAC remote controls away from your kids and pets. Not doing so isn’t just going to put the thermostat or the unit at risk but your children as well. It might even interrupt the service and delay the entire process. The remote controls also contain batteries and they are not safe when in the hands of your little ones.

2. Make Sure To Secure The Vents

If you have small children or anyone new in your home, make sure to secure your vents. Remember to nail the vent covers tightly. If you have a super inquisitive child, make sure to screw those vents shut nicely. Metal vents will mostly have sharp edges, so it is better to prevent your child or anyone who is unaware of the vent from venturing into that area at all. You may also ditch these metal coverings in the favor of plastic ones. Use a vent screen in case you have floor vents. This will prevent any potential falling incidents and also anything from slipping inside those vents.

3. Do Not Leave Your Electrical Appliances Unattended

It is never advised to leave any of your electrical appliances unattended, especially when you have hvac repair services going on in your house. These appliances can be hazardous to both your pets and kids. If you have a curious cat, make sure she never reaches the television set. If you have a naughty toddler, make sure he never gets himself entangled in any cables or wires. Make sure to keep the lightweight appliances tucked away safely in your cabinets. Ensure that your large appliances are secured with a safety net or a parameter that prevents your kids and pets from crawling too close to them. 

4. Talk About Cables And Wires

You have already secured your electrical appliances but you have forgotten about securing your cables and wires. Take extra care of the ones that are dangling from your tabletops and connect to your laptops and computers. This will help you prevent any burns, shocks, injuries, and falling objects from harming your babies and pets. Avoid keeping any kinds of electronic appliances on any shelf or table at all.

5. Be Home

The most important tip for you is to be home when the repair professionals arrive. If you have given them a particular time slot, make sure that you are home to guide them to the HVAC unit. Assist them as much as possible. Be available and active whenever they want you to.

Final Thoughts

This is a very critical repair job that you are talking about. It is important to be alert when professionals are around. It doesn’t just allow you to stay updated about what is happening with your HVAC unit but also if you have any specific problems, you can get them addressed right away.


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