A quality night’s sleep is one of the most important parts of living a healthy life. Research indicates that we should each be getting at least seven to nine hours of proper sleep per night to optimize our physical and mental wellbeing.

 But many of us struggle with getting quality sleep, no matter how hard we try. While there is a range of factors that contribute to the quality of sleep we can get, one of the most common reasons so many of us struggle to catch those z’s is because we are experiencing physical discomfort.

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to go to sleep but instead having to endure hours of tossing and turning because you can not get into a comfortable position.

 If this scenario sounds all too familiar to you, then you should consider getting Everlasting Comfort’s memory foam knee pillow. Designed to provide an extra layer of comfort to your knees, you will find it easier to get into that optimal sleeping position so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

 But not only that, knee pillows have been proven to actually help fix your spinal positioning and can even help alleviate symptoms from those who suffer from sleep apnea, snoring and acid reflux. Who knew a knee pillow could be so powerful!

 For those that are new to the wonderful world of memory foam knee cushions, we’re here to help ensure you make the most of this incredible product. So we have assembled the ultimate guide with all you need to know about properly using this revolutionary pillow. It’s so great, that we don’t’ think it will be long until every bed is equipped with both a pillow for the head and a pillow for the knees.

 First, What Exactly is a Knee Pillow?

Before we get too far into talking about how to optimize the use of your knee pillow, let’s dive into explaining what exactly makes this pillow so special. A memory foam knee pillow is made out of—you guessed it—memory foam. And it is shaped into a rectangle with two different curves to support your legs on both sides. The design is done to help support the overall positioning of your body and ensure that your legs get a constant blood flow at night. This means that if used right, you shouldn’t ever lose sensation in your feet or legs again. 

For Those Who Are Side Sleepers

If you are someone who likes to sleep on your side, then we’ve got some specific tips for you to follow. First, you will want to make sure you are comfortably positioned onto your side with your knees bent upwards toward your chest. This will allow you to then place your knee pillow between your knee and thigh. Many people find that the best sleeping position when using a knee pillow on your side is to go into the fetal position. This is especially helpful for those that are experiencing pregnancy.

 For Those Who Are Back Sleepers

If you are someone who prefers to sleep on your back, then you can still find optimal benefit from your knee pillow. You will want to lay on your back and place your knee pillow down between your knees and feet. Keep adjusting your pillow until you feel like you can completely sink into comfort for the evening. You will likely be amazed at how easy it is to drift off to sleep once you have found that perfect sleeping position.

Use for Rehabbing from an Injury

If you are suffering from an injury, such as a herniated disc, a knee pillow will be able to provide you with an immense amount of relief. While you should first consult with your doctor about recommendations for how to incorporate a knee pillow into your bedtime routine, chances are they will suggest sleeping on your side so that there is not as much pressure put on your disc. Many people who have a herniated disc find the most comfort when sleeping in the fetal position and by putting the knee pillows in between their legs.

 With so many benefits that can come from a knee pillow, why not give it a try yourself? Whether you are someone who sleeps on your side, your back or is suffering from an injury, a knee pillow will be that special addition to your sleeping routine that enables you to drift off into a deep and restorative sleep. Just follow these simple tips and you will get to enjoy your best nights of sleep ever thanks to a memory foam knee pillow!

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