As we prepare to bid goodbye to the fall season, we also prepare ourselves to embrace the coming winter season. While you may be busy upgrading your wardrobe and stocking it with amazing winter clothing, the question remains about how well your home is prepared for the upcoming winter season. 

Yes, you read this one right; your house needs some serious attention, especially if you want to spend the winter cozied up in your house while trying to escape the chilly breeze roaring outside. Nonetheless, we have come up with a list of home maintenance tips that can help you have a comfy and warm winter at home. 

Here are six ways to prepare your house for the winter:

Check Out the Pipes

When it comes to the freezing season, your priority should be to check out the water pipes, especially those pipes that are situated in exposed areas away from the heated inner space of the house, such as the cellar or crawl space. 

Depending on which region of the house you live in, you might have experienced frozen water pipes before. Frozen water inside the pipes can cause the pipes to burst, which is why you ought to pay special attention to insulating pipes. 

Inspect Your Garden & Exterior Space

Depending on which region you live in, you ought to inspect your outer space and see what could potentially damage your property in the case of a winter storm. In the case of overgrown branch trees, you will need to remove them to prevent any major damage to your house. 

While inspecting the trees, examine the trees for dead limbs and leaves. If you find it hard to remove the branches yourself, you can always seek professional help. 

Clean Up The Fireplace

If you’re using a wood-consuming furnace more than 6 times annually, you should get it cleaned properly and examined by a skilled plumber once a year because tar and soot accumulation might combust. If you seldom use your fireplace or have a gas stove, an examination every 3 years is adequate.

Hire an HVAC maintenance team to verify your heater or boiler is running efficiently and properly. The technician will disassemble the burners, verify the connections and gauges, and change the filtration. In order to maintain the equipment functioning smoothly, examine the filtration on a regular basis and change it when it gets dark. Choose a pleated filter over a flat filter since it has a better surface area that is perfect for particle-trapping. Click here to know more about the importance of having the boiler checked and why it matters. 

Inspect Your Gutters

Since there is always a chance for the water to freeze in the colder season, in the case of clogged gutters, the accumulated debris can freeze with it too, which will ultimately create one big mess, ultimately causing damage to your house. 

You don’t necessarily have to seek professional help for the cleaning of your gutters, as many DIY videos are available on the internet. Typically, you will need a ladder, rubber gloves, and a shovel and bucket to scoop out the debris. It won’t take you more than two hours to get the job done. 

Inspect Your Doors

Sometimes, the cold weather can cause the locks to freeze. However, the good news is that you can prevent frozen locks by spraying some lubricant before the cold season hits your region. By using a lubricator that contains powdered graphite, you ensure that you never get locked outside your house, as the lubricant will prevent the lock from freezing. It is important to emphasize using the powder only once, as this will suffice for the entire winter season. 

Upgrade Your Garden

Your garden needs to be maintained in the winter season too; especially, for maintenance. To prepare your garden for the winters, there are certain things that you can do, such as removing dead plants. While removing dead plants and flowers, make sure to keep some intact as the flowers and plants will look nice in the cold season too. 

By cleaning your garden and removing the dead petals, you won’t only make your garden space appear tidier but also ensure that it is winter-ready. 

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