Your home is a reflection of yourself. It should be a safe haven for you and your family, the place where you can spend time with its inhabitants in peace and harmony. Sometimes things happen beyond our control that can put a wrench into this simple scenario. Perhaps a break-in or an outside influence that forces change upon us. Here are some ways to make your home more stable and protected from outside influences.

Clean Your House Thoroughly

This is probably one of the easiest things to do in order to get rid of any negative feelings coming up inside your home.  Clear everything that clutters your house – throw away old furniture, clothes or just give them away for charity if you don’t have enough space in the garage or storage room. Go through all your items one by one and decide whether they are worth keeping around or not. If you happen to look at something and feel bad vibes, just put it aside. 

Fill Your House With Lightness And Love

Begin by clearing all the clutter from your house again – this time, clear out anything that makes you feel heavy or sad. If some chairs remind you of a broken friendship – just get rid of them as soon as possible! Sometimes old foundations might not be able to bear the weight of new walls and floors due to too many worms or termites inside the ground – it’s also quite common for old foundations to become wobbly after years of neglect. So, before making any decisions on building a new wall here and there – check up on whether your home’s foundation is stable enough. Use some mortar to make sure everything’s fixed in place and you won’t have to worry about anything for a couple of decades or so!

Seal Up The Cracks 

If you’re about to start some building work – make sure the job is done right. Hiring a bricklayer with good references who can give you an estimation on needed materials and time is definitely worth your money. Also, how about doing it yourself to save a few bucks?  Since your home is made of several separate buildings, there are bound to be cracks between some of them. What you need to do is find all the hidden cracks in your walls, seal them up with masonry adhesive or mortar mix so they stop letting any signal pass through undetected. Generally speaking, the cost of brickwork repointing is much cheaper than rebuilding a new wall, so make sure you don’t neglect this part of the building process! Repoint your brick wall with a thin layer of new mortar since old mortar can become weak and unstable over time, leading to more cracks.

You should also check for drafts from windows and doors – they let in unnecessary cold/heat from the outside world which has an effect on moods, emotions, and sleeping patterns. Also, check your chimneys! Sometimes they can let out toxic fumes that might be dangerous to breathe in – block up the cracks with some thick masonry cement or install a metal mesh to stop poisonous atoms from passing through.

Repaint Your Home

Renewing the paintwork of your home is also a good way to make sure no outside influences can make their way inside via old walls or doors! Just like you renew your wardrobe every 2-3 years, do the same with your house’s exterior. Keep in mind that even if you just repaint one room – it will already be much easier to keep that particular area free from outside influence. Clean off any moss or plants growing on the walls and then give everything a fresh coat of paint according to your preferences! Scaffolding also ensures that any building work will be done quickly and with the best quality materials, that way no unpleasant surprises will pop up during the renovation.

Check for Leaks in Your Roof 

Leaks in your roof as well as cracks often go unnoticed since the weather is usually nice and dry, so you’re not always able to see if anything’s off – but it’s definitely worth checking up on! Check for water stains on your ceiling – they can be a symptom of both leaks and mold that needs to be dealt with ASAP. Also, for some reason lots of people like to talk about how old buildings need to have an open fire inside them every day – this is plain wrong! Not only is there a great chance you will burn down your house accidentally by leaving the chimney unattended, but also it’s dangerous to breathe in the toxins coming out of the open fire. Have 

Keep The Exterior Of Your House Well Lit

This is especially important at night, but it’s good to have bright lighting facing the outside during the day as well. You don’t want people peeking into your home through windows or doors, nor do you want them to see what’s going on inside. When they can see in, they’ll start planning how to break in through those same windows and doors – even if they’re closed. And having dim lights doesn’t help either because that means there are dark corners where burglars can hide until it’s safe to strike. So make sure you have strong lights installed outside your house so no one can peer in through any of your windows at night.

Reline Your Drains And Gutters

The last thing you want is to have your gutters and drains clogged up, so it’s a good idea to check them regularly and clean out any leaves or dirt. You don’t want rainwater overflowing onto the floors of your house since water damage can be quite costly! It will also help avoid having mold grow in your home to ruin your mood and bring you external discomfort.

There are lots of little things like this to take into consideration when remodeling or repairing an older structure – you might need to invent your own special methods that are right for your home! Luckily, just by following this guide, you’ll be doing a lot of things right.

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