It’s during the hottest months of the year when house fires are more likely to happen. It doesn’t come as a big surprise since the air can be extremely dry and the temperatures can rise more than 40°C. 

While houses anywhere can easily catch fire especially during summer, the ones within urban areas are at higher risk, and it can be blamed on what’s referred to as urban heat island (UHI) effect where concrete and other construction materials absorb and retain lots of heat, thereby serving as fire hazards.

Fortunately, keeping your property and the ones you love out of harm’s way can be as simple as getting in touch with a residential electrician for an inspection. It is important to ensure that your home’s electrical system and equipment are all in excellent shape.

There are also certain steps that you may take to considerably lower the risk of your home burning down, and many of them are easier than you think.

Avoid Charging Mobile Devices on or Around Your Bed

Especially these days when the whole world is battling a deadly virus that can easily spread from one person to the other, carrying out an assortment of everyday tasks within the confines of the home can spell the difference between staying alive and breathing one’s last.

It’s because of this exact reason that all sorts of mobile devices, from smartphones to laptops, are complete must-haves. Unfortunately, there is one aspect of having these electronic essentials that can put your home as well as your family in danger, and it’s the need to charge them regularly. 

Reliable electricians strongly advise against charging mobile devices on or around the bed. Especially if the device, battery or charger is defective, it is a complete no-no to charge them where there are flammable materials like mattresses, pillows, and linens.

Never Attempt to Overload Extension Cords

Other than being mindful of where you charge your mobile devices, it is also important to be wary of how many of them that you plug into extension cords. Extension cords are not supposed to be considered or treated as electrical wall outlets that can accommodate as many electronics or appliances as their available sockets will allow. 

Even though an extension cord may have multiple sockets, it doesn’t mean that you can plug something into each one at the same time — it’s a serious fire hazard! Aside from potentially burning down your home, careless use of extension cords can also cause damage to mobile devices and other electrical equipment.

Get Rid of Seemingly Problematic Devices or Appliances

Lights flickering, circuit breakers tripping, unusual sounds, a burning smell — these are some of the telltale signs that the electronics you are using are damaged or incompatible with your home’s electrical system and equipment. 

As soon as you notice any of these signs, it is a must that you let a residential electrician conduct an inspection. Otherwise, you are risking damaging your appliances as well as burning down your home.

If necessary, you should replace problematic electronics, including mobile devices that you use for carrying out various everyday tasks indoors. It may not be that easy on the pocket, but it can spare you from encountering problems that will require you to shell out a huge sum of cash. Always keep in mind that it’s not just your belongings and properties that are on the line but your loved ones, too.

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