Probably, the way your student room looks determines your mood. Basically, home settings create the atmosphere and affect your feelings. Psychologists say that a well decorated room can instantly put you at ease and help you get rid of stress. On the contrary, living in a space you don’t really like can make you feel down. 

If you find aesthetics important, you are probably looking for ways to decorate your space. But as a student you may not have enough time to implement all the creative solutions you want to. So what to do in this case? You should delegate part of your homework to someone. Read more about it below! 

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A step-by-step guide to decorate your room 

Decide on your style

Bringing your personal style into your student room is one of the most important things to do. But it might be quite challenging if you don’t know what your style is. That’s why you should start by getting yourself inspired with someone else’s ideas. Find a little time in your busy student schedule to browse Pinterest or Instagram as well as some design blogs and save pictures you like. You can gather cool decor pieces, extraordinary designs and paint color ideas. Eventually, you will have a clearer understanding of your personal style and your own sense of aesthetics. 

Plan your budget

As a student you might live on a tight budget, so money planning is an essential step for you. This is a necessary but not-so-fun stage that requires persistence and critical thinking. While deciding on your budget range, be firm about how much you want to spend on decor items. Do your best not to exceed your budget and always look for sales and best deals. Treat your investments wisely and try to avoid reckless behavior when it comes to shopping. Remember that school expenses are your top priority now. 

Select your color palette

If you want everything to be in harmony, plan the color scheme of your space. It’s not about painting your walls but rather about choosing items that match each other. Think whether you prefer a more neutral room or would like to have a few pops of color. Actually, there is no right or wrong way to approach a color scheme, it’s all about your taste and design vision. But to make things easier, you could stick to a considered palette of a few shades. 

Mix different materials and textures

Style is often about contrast. Similar things may look dull and make you feel bored in your room. That’s why you should try using decor items of various materials and textures. You can combine leather pieces with wood furniture as well as add natural-fiber accents. Feel free to experiment and don’t limit yourself by commonly accepted design rules. The mix of diverse details will make your room appear more layered and give it that “wow” effect. By the way, the easiest way to bring in a variety of materials and textures is by using textiles. For example, you can use plush velvet together with light linen designs. 

Unleash your creativity 

Decorating your room is undoubtedly a creative process. You should not be restricted by someone’s recommendations and standards. It’s completely up to you how to organise the space you are living in. Implement your wildest ideas no matter how crazy they look for others. The most important thing is that your room decor must reflect your personality and make you happier. 

Final thoughts 

The environment we spend the most of the time in has a huge impact on our mental state, affecting our feelings and emotions. Even if you are not happy with your dormitory, decorations can make your student room more comfortable and appealing. Hopefully the tips given above will help you keep your living and studying space in a good condition. 

Author’s BIO 

James Collins is an interior designer working mainly with home spaces. He believes that the home environment defines our state of mind and quality of life. That’s why he does his best to create beautiful and functional designs for his clients. 

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