Spray paint is ideal for painting any furniture or small spacious areas. Usually, people buy spray paint for any emergency use or decorating small specific sites of home or outdoor. Most people tend to use just half of the spray paint and leave the remaining portion unused.

So, What happens to the leftover paints? Many of you may have curiosity about how long they last. Usually, the paint sprayer tends to last more than two years or longer depending on their storage conditions. 

Here you will get clear ideas about how long can spray paint last no matter whether you used it leftover or kept it intact.

How Long Can Spray Paint Last?

How long the spray pain lasts mostly depends on how you store them and how the environment affects them. Some spray paints tend to last more than 10 years and some last more than a decade. 

But how? Well, you must know that the surrounding environment of the store can affect the lasting effect of spray paint. You will get a clear idea about this in the following segments. 

Again let me be clear on another fact, whether the spray paint waterproof or not, which one actually you interested to know? 

It’s okay. We are explaining the lifespan of both types of paint sprayers.

Waterproof Spray Paint

Maximum spray paints are water-proof and oil-based. They can last about 15 years once they open. So, you now think how long they are going to last if they remain intact. Obviously, more than a decade if you can preserve them in the right place.  

Non-Waterproof Spray Paint

Latex acrylic spray paints tend not to be water-proof. For this type of spray paint, you should keep away from rainfall and humid areas. If you do so they will last almost 5 years. Some of the spray paint will last more than 15 years if stored unopened.

Duration Of Some Spray Paints

The life span of spray paint can differ depending on their variations. Here we compiled some spray paints with an assumption of their approximate lasting. We’ve described some popular branded spray paints below. 

Rustoleum Spray Paint

The lifespan of Rustoleum spray paint depends upon the climate. Normally, this type of paint can last an average of 4 to 7 years. If it gets into contact with the direct sun rays for a long exposure time, it gets faded out soon. And thus it gets completely dry and becomes unusable. 

Aerosol Spray Paint

Aerosol spray paint is very convenient for painting and widely used for dying home decorating utilities. You need to shake well before you start spraying paint.  Normally an aerosol spray paint can last for three years. But if it gets opened the paint can’t spray well after almost 2 years. May be for slight propellant loss of the sprayer.

Acrylic Lacquer

Acrylic lacquer is the finest spray paint that lasts for decades. If it is sealed under the tined cap, it can last an amazingly long period of time. But as it gets old its volatility may evaporate and the pain can become a bit thick. So, you need to use thinner to add with this paint to get the best result. 

Montana Spray Paints

Montana Spray paint is one of the best spray paints and the finest paint among all spray paints. You can get a normal Montana spray paint that lasts up to 10 years. But if you buy a high-quality Montana spray paint, you can preserve it for a long duration of your lifetime. 

The Impacts Responsible For Reducing The Lifespan Of Spray Paint

If you keep spray paint in the same environmental condition, this paint will tend to last long. Because the surrounding impact of these items affects their effectiveness. Let’s know the culprits responsible for reducing the lifespan of spray paint.

Effects of Sunlight 

The effect of direct sun exposure can spoil the quality of paint. The color of paint can fade out day by day. Moreover, the volatility of spray paint gets less and the paint can turn into tiny brittle particles itself. This is because there are many chemical reactions that occur inside the sealed paint. Thus, the paint loses its longevity and performance.

Less Aerosol Pressure

Aerosol’s Pressure gets reduced after your frequent use. As much as you will use the aerosol pressure its capacity of spraying gets lower. Every time you spray, the quantity of pressure gets out. When the pressure gets fully out of the can you can’t get the spray paint works anymore. So, the result will cause the paint to dry by that time.


The spray paint works by fast drying. When you spray paint if the outside environment remains humid, your paint can become split into tiny lumpy particles. To understand the impact you may compare the painting which you use in the dry weather condition with the wet weather conditions. Moreover, humidity can reduce the lifespan of spray paint because the volatility of paint gets quickly affected by this.  

Chemical Interaction And Surrounding Environment

Paints are made with chemicals and it maintains their own formula while spraying. But if there is a mix of any other things in the paint because of the chemical interaction the paint will get spoiled. Sometimes at the time of painting, any tiny particle of metal or dust may get into the tube which later creates a source of clogging inside the paint. 

Oxidation And Relative Environmental Impact

After you open the container of spray paint, you need to preserve it carefully, otherwise, it can be oxidized after a few days. Just pour the required quantity of the paint and then seal it quickly so that the environmental impact won’t create many effects on its lasting. 


Spray paint can last more than 10 years or longer than decades depending on its quality and environmental effect. You should care enough about your sprayer and paint to get them usable for a long time. Do not store them under direct sun and a humid environment. Learn the proper techniques of spraying paint which will improve your efficiency and will help you to increase ideas of increasing the lifespan of spray paint.

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