A mirror serves two primary purposes; from checking your appearance to serves as one of a room’s decorative features as much as it is quite an essential item of every home.  A well-placed mirror in the bedroom, bathroom, closet, and other interior doors come with low risks of shattering and less chance of hurting someone. Because it could be quite injurious if not placed firmly. 

This is so because these places are usually void of any other hanging item or furniture in front of it. In this article, we shall be looking at the process of installing a full-length mirror on interior doors. However, let us first consider the need for having full-length mirrors on room doors.


It makes the interior space look larger: Hanging a mirror on a room door gives the room a vital accessory and necessity. If a full-length mirror is hung on an interior door, it reflects a perfect copy (which is obviously in reverse) of the room, thereby making space appear wider than it really is. 

It ensures you assess your dressing before going out: With a full-length mirror, you get to assess your dressing and look before leaving the room. It gives you the opportunity of checking yourself out, from head to toe. You could easily see if the scarf, being a girl, you wore matches the skirt, or those shoes match your T-shirt. 

It reflects both natural and artificial lights: Installing a full-length mirror ensures light is reflected, giving the room a somewhat airy and inviting appearance. Even when the lights are low during the day and at night, compelling counterpoints are created with the reflected light. 

Installing a full-length mirror in interior doors comes with several benefits as seen above.


Before you rush to a shop for supplies to install a full-length mirror, you must check out the mirror and the door. The door’s construction style (solid or hollow core) determines the type of supplies needed to fix the mirror to the interior door. 

As for the mirror, if it is frameless, it will require a set of special clips. If it is framed, the required fasteners solely depend on the construction of the door. However, if it is a hollow core door and a framed mirror you are dealing with, you’ll need the following tools:

  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Toggle bolts
  • Power drill and bit
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood screws
  • Frameless mirror mounting clips

On the other hand, frameless mirrors need special clips for it to be held in place, but if you have a flush door that doesn’t possess boards or raised panels, you can glue it instead. Still, the most preferred type of mirror is the framed one. 


 Installing a mirror on the wall needs careful consideration because a little mistake can result in the breakage of the mirror.  So, here comes brief info with a detailed process. 

Step 1- Get the door’s measurement: 

You have to measure the width and thickness of the door so as to ensure the toggle bolts perfectly fit into the door’s dimension. Also, be sure to add the mirror’s frame depth to the measurement. This is to make certain that the toggle bolt goes through the mirror’s frame and the panel of the door fittingly.

Step 2- Get the mirror’s weight:  

Weigh the mirror so as to know the appropriate number of toggle bolts to use. Actually, most toggle bolts can support from 20 to 50 pounds in weight. Thus, you will need at least 4 toggle bolts to secure all corners of the mirror to avoid it from bumping against the door and breaking when it is closed or opened. 

Step 3- Mark the placement: 

Mark the desired mirror placement on the door with a pencil. Mark it at least, one inch around the corners of the mirror and ensure you give two marks per corner. This double marking helps in picking a spot for the insertion of the toggle bolts in each corner of the mirror. 

If your door has a raised panel, mounting the mirror on the cross pieces is ideal. 

Step 4- Drill:

Drill holes in the mirror at the marked spot carefully. 

Step 5- Position the mirror on the door: 

Carry up the mirror and fix the toggle bolts through the holes. Screw them till it gets tightened. With the turning of the screw, the toggle bolt’s housing pulls up against the door and the screw is locked inside the panel. This prevents it from pulling out. Repeat this process for all the other corners of the mirror. 


There are numbers of online stores that have listed mirrors in their product line but Fab Glass and Mirror a top-notch in all as the company claims to offers premium quality full-length mirrors of different shapes such as square, rectangle, round, oval, and the likes. They are quite suitable for various apartments. You can conveniently hang them on various doors of your home, and they are nothing short of quality.


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