As a person who likes gardening, you will often use your time to grow crops. Of course, there are many types of plants that you will plant. For this reason, you need lots of planters or containers for your plants. However, if you don’t have a lot of money or time to purchase planters, don’t fret – there are many inexpensive and easy-to-find methods of creating planters. In this case, you can utilize your household items that are no longer used. Instead of keeping or throwing your unused household items, take them then create them to be more functional.

There are numerous ways to reuse ordinary household items to make planters. For example, you can make your own planters out of empty bottles, tin cans, and other items. Paint these items and add plants to them for a unique look. Old pipes and gutters can also be used to make planters. To create a planter with a rusty look, you can use a watering can. Watering cans are also great options for planters, as their openings allow you to see the soil and gravel underneath. For another rustic look, you can use a used metal bucket or colander. Morevore, if you want a vintage look, use old drawer, wheelbarrow, alarm clock, old radio, or your old chandelier. Several plastic bottles to shoe organizers can also be your choice. And there are many more examples of household items that you can use as a planter. Take a look at these ideas below.

Chandelier Planter from balconygardenweb

Dresser Planter from balconygardenweb

Colander Planter from balconygardenweb

Chair Planter from balconygardenweb

Tea Tin Planter from balconygardenweb

Paint Can Planter from balconygardenweb

Toilet Planter from balconygardenweb

Alarm Clock Planter from balconygardenweb

Vintage Radio Planter from balconygardenweb

Light Bulb Planter from balconygardenweb

Plastic Bottle Planter from balconygardenweb

Watering Milk Jug Planter from balconygardenweb

Shoe Organizer Planter from balconygardenweb

White Colander Planter from housebeautiful

Jug Planter from housebeautiful

Sink Planter from housebeautiful

Hanging Bottle Planter from housebeautiful

Masson Jar Planter from homedit

Vintage Tray Planter from midwestliving

Box Vegetable Garden from midwestliving

Repurpose Sink Planter from midwestliving

Cooker Garden from midwestliving

Hanging Wicker Basket from midwestliving

Sink Succulent Planter from midwestliving

Handsome Toolbox Planter from midwestliving

Vintage Old Box Planter from midwestliving

Barrel Planter from midwestliving

Jar Planter from midwestliving

Colander Container from midwestliving

Bucket Planter from midwestliving

Repurposed Colander Planter from midwestliving

Bright Paint Planter from midwestliving

Vintage Drawer from midwestliving

Vintage Metal Household from midwestliving

Wheelbarrow Garden Planter from midwestliving

Ladder Planter from midwestliving

Garden Wheels Planter from midwestliving

Recycled Plastic Planters from homebnc

Strawberry Tower from Nursery Buckets from homebnc

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden from homebnc

Gutter Garden  from homebnc

Armchair Container from homebnc

Repurposed Mailbox Succulent Garden from homebnc

Turquoise Watering Can from homebnc

Reclaimed Tackle Box from homebnc

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