Household materials are actually can become a great craft to organize your books. Then, the other materials that are easy to find will make you enjoy creating your own bookstand.

Simple Pipe Book Stand

Simple pipe book stand Ways To Use Household Materials For DIY Book Stand


A simple pipe book stand is ready to serve you in a simple way. Here, you can use some copper pipes to deliver a stunning piece of art for holding the books. For this project, you will need copper pipes, household items such as lemon juice and salt for that cool rose gold color. Take note that the real challenge is putting your book down long enough to assemble it.

Tabletop Book Rack

Tabletop book rack Ways To Use Household Materials For DIY Book Stand


A tabletop book rack is useful to store your books right on the tabletop without wasting space. Besides, it is also simple woodwork that requires no special expertise or tools on the assembly. So, the supplies you need are wood, pocket screws, wood screws, and wood glue. After that, the tools you need are tape measure, drill, Kreg jig, miter saw and countersink drill bit set.

Calendar Book Stand

Look at this decorative bookstand that is easy to make. The supplies you need for this project are a hardcover book, scissors, yarn, printer, and calendar. Then, for this project, make sure your book is thick enough to stand on its own. After that, you can make the pom-pom and tassel to hang from the side of your book by tucking them into the center. Next, you can wrap a piece of yarn around the book a few times and tie it in the back with a double knot.

Cereal Box Book And Magazine Organizers

The washi tape not only turns your ordinary cereal boxes into beautiful organizers, but it also reinforces the boxes very nicely, making them quite sturdy! Look at the wonderful designs flaunted by the strips of washi tape that cover the organizers throughout. It is just a matter of a few cuts on cereal boxes that is all it takes to achieve the 2 different organizer shapes. You are here are free to choose the color and pattern of the washi tape. So, it is great to hold your books and magazine for the best organizer.

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