Let us greet the time of Christmas by decorating our outdoor. When people pass through or come to your house, they will really feel the Christmas with outdoor Christmas decorations. Therefore, here are the ideas of Homemade Outdoor Decoration Ideas To Complete Your Christmas Celebration.

Giant Frozen Christmas Ornaments

These giant frozen Christmas ornaments are absolutely amazing where you and your kids can make it easily at home as Christmas projects. The ingredients of this project are balloons, food coloring, and water. For the process, you can fill the balloons with water then add food coloring. Once frozen, cut the balloons off. After that, they will look like giant marbles for Christmas decorations on your front lawn.

Lighted Gift Boxes

These lighted gift boxes are impossibly gorgeous that you can be made with various materials. You can choose a plastic container, chicken wire frame, wood frame, and PVC frame. Besides, the additional materials are LED mini lights, scissors, adhesive clips, Velcro strips, Christmas ribbon, Christmas Bows.

Christmas Light Balls

Christmas light balls Homemade Outdoor Decoration Ideas To Complete Your Christmas Celebration

Here are the quick steps for making DIY Christmas light balls. The first is to cut the chicken wire using an LxW ratio of 2:1. Second, create a cylinder with chicken wire. Third, form a ball shape. The fourth, wrap the ball with LED Christmas lights. Last, plugin and enjoy the light.

DIY Gingerbread Man

You will never have Christmas if you do not have a gingerbread man there. Therefore, here we show you how to create a gingerbread man that you can put on your outdoor. The materials you need for this project are 12×8 2-inch thick insulation foam, knife or jigsaw, brown paint, paintbrush, white rope, hot glue, colored paint, and decorations for eyes and buttons such as containers, lids, etc.

Evergreen Christmas Gnome

This super simple evergreen gnome is pretty perfect to beautify your outdoor decoration. The supplies needed are a tomato cage, evergreen greenery, gnome hat, clear or tan ornament, mittens, zip ties, and garden shears.

DIY Melted Snowman

Have you ever seen this craft before that is beautiful to add to your front yard? The materials for this project are jigsaw, plywood, lights, red gloves, buttons, top hat, scarf, fake carrot, paint, foam ball, sandpaper, and felt.

Christmas Reindeer Logs

We now directly go to what you need to create these logs. The materials needed are 1 large log for the body, 1 medium log for the head, 5 small branches for the legs and neck, 2 multi-pint branches for the antlers, a pinecone for the tail, 1 small red Christmas ornament for the nose, clear caulk, wood glue, reciprocating saw, drill, paddle drill bits, and a sharp pocket knife.


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