When we are talking about DIY Christmas gifts, so it will be all about creating something that would bring a smile to someone’s face. Check the ideas below for sweet Christmas gift ideas.

Leather Mason Jar Sleeve

Leather mason jar sleeve Homemade Gifts Ideas That Are Sweet To Your Special Ones


The supplies you need for this project are heavy-duty leather, snap fasteners, and a waxed cord. After that, the tools are leather punch, X-Acto knife, metal ruler, setter tool, and hammer. Here, you can transform it into a mason jar sleeve. This unique gift is perfect for that person in your life that appreciates something homemade.

Cozy Flannel Scarves

Cozy flannel scarves Homemade Gifts Ideas That Are Sweet To Your Special Ones


Create this cozy flannel scarf from an impressive Christmas gift. The materials you will need are 2 yards of flannel shirting, matching thread, sewing machine, scissors, and iron. Anyone who accepts this will feel that you are a caring person.

Christmas Stove-Top Potpourri

Everyone will enjoy this Christmas stove-top Potpourri. You can give this to teachers, friends, or neighbors. This mason jar is filled with dry ingredients and a ribbon wraps everything up. Do not forget the printable tag to give the instruction on how to use the potpourri. The ingredients you need are fresh cranberries, orange slices, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and nutmeg. You can also add a sprig of fresh rosemary or a few trimming from your tree.

Washi Tape Christmas Tree Gift Card Holders

Gift cards allow the recipient to get exactly what they want at Christmas. This craft will need craft pillow boxes, green washi tape, scissors, and brown washi tape. Here, you can just cut the washi tape in varying lengths alternating patterns.

Cozy Quilted Fabric Coffee

A cozy quilted fabric coffee materials are fabric scraps, quilt batting, hair elastic, cute button, and printed pattern. This cozy DIY Christmas gift makes sense for not just coffee drinkers but favorite hot cocoa and tea drinkers as well. This quick-to-sew gift roles as a perfect teacher or neighbor gift but really could work for just about everyone.

Mini Desk Marquee Light

It is a cute m marquee made out of paper. Then, you can insert lights to make it glow. This is a great gift for twins and teens but also adds a lot of fun to any office desk. The materials you need are tiny LED light strands, foam boards, poster boards, X-acto knife, scissors, ruler, bone folder, hot glue and gun, spray paint,  and pencil.


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