Are you looking for ideas to improve your room decor? What about making DIY accent pillows? Pillows help us to fall asleep better. They are suitable for your room accents too. Pillows for accent are more attractive. They have various designs. Check out our list below to get inspiration for creating DIY accent pillows!

DIY Butterfly Accent Pillow

Diy butterfly accent pillow


If you have at least two hours of free time, use it to make this beautiful butterfly accent pillow. Cut the felt into butterflies. Then, attach them to plain-bought or homemade pillows. Customize the color and size you want. You don’t have to be a DIY expert because a newbie can make it too.

DIY Sunflower Pillow

Do you love sunflowers? They are shiny, bright, and lovely. Usually, we use sunflowers for decorating our home in summer. Cut out yellow felt into equal petals. Then, attach them to your plain pillow. 

DIY Cube Accent Pillow

You can play with this cube accent pillow with your kids. However, you can sew in the very basic sewing skills at least. Follow the instruction here. Then, feel free to customize the size and writing on the cube.

DIY Diamond Accent Pillow

What about a diamond accent pillow for your living room? It will be fun to have unique pillow shapes that are different from your neighbor. Make as many as possible to improve your living room decoration. Just follow the instruction here.

DIY Button Accent Pillow

Improving a pillow design will not be hard at all. A DIY button accent pillow here is one of the easiest projects ever. Just attach the buttons to your plain pillows by sewing. It might need several hours for a DIY newbie. If you are an expert, you can finish it in less than an hour.

DIY Heart Accent Pillow

What beautiful pillows! Imagine they are on your living room couch. Make some heart pillows with different colors to make your living room looks more beautiful. They are perfect for improving your decor. What about using them for “Valentine’s Day”? 

DIY Animal-Shaped Pillow

Give these animal-shaped pillows to your kids. They will love them. Customize the size and color. You can make a bird, elephant, rhinoceros, or any other animal in the form of pillows. Use them to decorate a nursery room. Make these pillows in your leisure time by following the instructions from Studio DIY.


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