Children are growing up quickly. We can see them taller day by day. Have you recorded their growth? Well. It is not a must but an important thing. For the one who loves to save childhood memories, recording kids’ growth is one of the most interesting things. We will see the process of their body growing up till they become teenagers. It is admirable to see how they change from babies, toddlers, kids, and teenagers. Record their growth in a height charter is a good idea and making the DIY project of it is also interesting. Then, why don’t you make a DIY height charter? Check out our list!


DIY Hanging Growth Chart

Put your stitching skill into making this DIY fabric hanging height chart. It looks so cute with embroidery and a decorative stitching border. The blank white center tells us the kids’ growths. Just write your kids’ height over there. Hang that DIY height chart in your kids’ room. Then, measure their heights every year. 

DIY Wooden Growth Chart

Personalize a wooden growth chart with your kids’ identities. Write down her name and date of birth. Then, record her height every year. Feel free to add more accessories like stickers, drawings, or other stuff. In this DIY wooden growth, the owner has kids’ activities written down every chart. Cool, huh?

DIY Canvas Growth Chart

Diy canvas height chart

If you don’t have enough time to make an embroidery chart, using a canvas will be simpler to do. Fill it with stencils and decals. You can customize it with other accessories like stickers, drawings, buttons, or other things you like. Record your kids’ height every year in this chart and see how fast they grow.

DIY Painted Wood Name Growth Chart

Wooden charts are versatile. You can customize them with anything. Look at the painted wooden name growth chart in the picture above! They are simple but attractive. You can choose your kid’s favorite color. Just put the chart against the wall. Make it stable by using nails. Then, record your kid’s growth.

DIY Embroidered Muslin Height Chart

making this embroidered muslin height chart only needs soft tools and a piece of fabric. If you don’t want to work with hard materials, this height chart is what you need. Outline every inch. Make it more interesting by adding embroidery flowers and leaves. 

DIY Airplane Growth Chart

It seems like seeing an airplane flight to the sky. This chart with an airplane will interest your kid. You will need plywood, a wooden board, spry paint, a paintbrush, and an airplane toy.



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