There are many ways to improve your indoor and outdoor decoration. It will need a lot of money when we should buy the items. Furthermore, some people choose to create DIY projects that affordable and easy. One of them is the mosaic project. Sure, you don’t have to buy the tile. Just find out the old one in your warehouse. If you don’t have tiles, try to create with mirrors, fragile items, and so far. Let us see our lists below!

Eye-catching Photo Frame

Ombre mosaic tile will never go out of style. Further, something that made by hand with personal touch looks more eye-catching. Further, the material used is easy to find. The photo will appear more stunning with a mosaic frame.

Good Looking Coaster

If you are a beginner in crafting with mosaics, this project is one the easiest one. Use terrazzo tiles to spread out on a glass surface. Then, grout and buff to make it looks smooth. Then, you wait till it dries. See if your project is done well or not!

Mosaic Garden Rocks DIY

Finding these mosaic rocks in the garden is such a blessing. The mosaics will sparkle in the dark and reflect the light. Choose rocks that have a smooth surface. So, you don’t have to make them smoother firstly.

Amazing Mosaic Coffee Table

Spruce up your old coffee table by adding some mirror pieces. Arrange them to become a mosaic coffee table will be much better. Moreover, this project needs less money even free. Why don’t you make it sooner?

Cool Mosaic Vase

There is no need to have a special skill to craft this cool mosaic vase. Prepare the mosaic materials needed, whether you will make it from tiles or fragile items. Then, adhere to them in the vase by attaching cement. Be careful to not make it looks messy.

Mosaic Serving Tray DIY

Well, it just a tray but looks so gorgeous with a mosaic base. The creator uses caulk and tiles to get this amazing appearance. Sometimes, we don’t need to buy a new thing if we are able to makeover it again and again.

Great Mosaic Mirror

When the mirror’s pieces are used to create a mosaic pattern, we still allowed to do the same. Apply mosaic for the bathroom mirror will refresh its look. Complete it well with candles to get a spa-room look. Choose tiles in any color that will blend into your bathroom decoration.





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