We all know that winter deals with dark-colored things. However, it will not be a mistake to install new colorful items into your house. When your house is already painted in black or white, bright colors are needed to spruce up the room. Adding some crafts made by hand will be a pretty cool idea. In this article, we give you gorgeous DIY ideas to entertain you during the winter. Let us check them out further!


Puzzle Hearts For Winter

Puzzle hearts for winter

Look at this romantic space that anyone will wish to make. Take some puzzle pieces and arrange them into hearts’ shape. Attach the hearts on the wall or put them against the wall on the top of a table. Feel free to customize the colors and sizes. This pretty easy project will never out of date. You can reuse them over and over again.

Rustic Rope Wreath

Rustic rope wreath

The one who loves rustic styles will like this wreath. It appears so rustic with rope and burlap flower. However, the creator makes it more eye-catching by other red flowers. Hang this in your front door or window to improve your home decoration.

Vintage Brooches DIY

Vintage brooches diy

Arrange your jewelry items into a great centerpiece to welcome winter. You will attain a sparkling space that entertains you during winter. It almost anybody who loves to see jewelry items, don’t they? Furthermore, the room looks more organized well. The vintage brooches on the wall are awesome

Colorful Winter Elves

Colorful winter elves

Feel free to make other elves with different colors to upgrade your winter decor. We guarantee that your kids will love to make this craft too. Then, these DIYs are also versatile. So, you are pleased to use them for other seasons. Put them in your living room seating to accompany you to enjoy the firepit.

Amazing Spool Art

Amazing spool art

We love the color of wood as the base of this spool art. With various colors and sizes, this DIY appears so eye-catching. No need for other accessories or elements to add. This spool art is already looked super. Attach each item by using glue to the plywood one by one. Then, let them dry.

DIY Bottle Cap Snowmen

Diy bottle cap snowmen

First of all, you need to secure three or more bottle caps together with hot glue. Add stickers, craft papers, and or buttons. Then, attach a loop of colorful ribbon at the end. Awesome!

Cute Edible Cards

Cute edible cards

Anyone will love to see these edible cards. Look at the pictures that are so cute for completing your winter decor. It will be better for you to put these in your living room.


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