We all know that winter deals with dark-colored things. However, it will not be a mistake to install new colorful items into your house. When your house is already painted in black or white, bright colors are needed to spruce up the room. Adding some crafts made by hand will be a pretty cool idea. In this article, we give you gorgeous DIY ideas to entertain you during the winter. Let us check them out further!


Snow Ball for Winter

These white pom poms are strung together into a beautiful garland that looks like a snowball. Now you can hang it on the wall so it will make your wall look more prominent and looks beautiful in winter. Wall Garland from @offgridhyggehomestead.

This snowball is made by crochet so it will have a fairly high value. It has a white color theme, making it look like a real snowball. This one craft idea can never fail the winter season. Crochet Snow Ball from @lotjes_crochet.

Take a look at the snowball craft above! Interesting right ? Made using cotton material makes it look like a real snowball in an easy way. Now you can display it on the evergreen flavored table so it will make your winter more beautiful. Cotton Snow Ball from @jul_i_mitt_hjerte.

This faux snowball was made with a DIY project using Styrofoam and covered in fake snow. Set this snow ball into a glass vase so it will present a beautiful and attractive display in winter. Faux Snowball Arrangement from @julfreak.

Bringing snowballs to winter decorations is the perfect idea. You can use paper pulp to make this snow ball. Sprinkle with faux snow and string it into a garland so it will make it look really cool. Snowball Garland from @thedailydiyer.

Interesting right ? This snow ball ornament is made using cotton balls which are strung together to form a snow ball. Add a rope at the top, then you can hang this snowball on a tree so it will look very attractive. Cotton Ball Snow Ball from @mydarlinglittlehome.

Interesting right ? This garland is made using faux cotton snow balls making it look perfect in winter. You can hang it wherever you want and your home decoration will look more festive. Cotton Snowball Garland from @maxineshattock.

This faux snow ball is made using fur fabric so it looks very beautiful. Now you can arrange it into a garland to make it look more attractive. Lastly, hang this wreath on the front door so it manages to steal the show. Faux Snowball Wreath from @thepaintedhive.

Rope Wreath

Look at these wreaths! Made using evergreen and rope will make it look so pretty in winter. Evergreen will present a fresh look and rope will present a rustic look so it looks very attractive. Evergreen and Rope Wreath from @katyelliott.

The rope that is strung together into a wreath looks attractive with a rustic appearance. The creator added a snowy leaves accent so it will give a fresh look. Snowy Leaves and Rope Wreath from @4ft_13.

Interesting right ? This wreath is made using rope so it looks interesting and different from usual. Not only rope, this wreath is also decorated with red flowers and evergreen so that it will present a beautiful appearance with a natural touch. Front Door Wreath from @wildnwesternab.
This white rope is strung into a wreath and covered with plaid ribbon to make it look more attractive. Star and evergreen accents on this wreath will present a more beautiful appearance and match the winter theme. White Rope Wreath from @valleydawncreations.

People who like country style will love this wreath. Looks so rustic with ropes and evergreen. However, the creators made it even more eye-catching with a sprinkling of fake snow. Hang this on your front door or window to enhance your home decor. Rustic Rope Wreath from @capriscustomcreations.

This wreath looks great for winter decorations. Made using old rope will make it succeed in presenting a classic look. At this time you can also decorate it with evergreen and faux red flowers so that it will make it look more beautiful and charming. Old Rope Wreath from @capriscustomcreations.

This round wreath is coated with sisal rope so that it will present a perfect nautical look. Adorned with evergreen and starfish accents, this wreath manages to steal the show. Nautical Wreath from @thenewenglandtradingco.

Creative and inspiring! This wreath is made using rope in a woven way so that it will present a creative appearance. Decorated with evergreen and bow will make it look so beautiful and perfect in winter. White Rope Wreath from @yours_truly_wm.

Winter Cone Tree DIY

Look beautiful ! The cone tree made using fine rope looks very pretty. The creator decorated it with several star ornaments so that it would make this cone tree look more festive. White and Blue Cone Tree from @hellocentralavenue.

Having several bright color combinations, this cone tree manages to present a festive look. This cone tree is made using paper material so it’s cheaper and still looks beautiful. Colorful Paper Cone Tree from @prettylifegirls.

Presenting a cone tree in winter decoration is an interesting idea. At this point, DIY corn made using white burlap is the way to go. You can place it on the table so that it will bring its own charm to your home. White Burlap Cone Tree from @hootshack.

Easy to make but still interesting. This cone tree is made using paper material by means of glue so it is quite safe for children. Having a green color theme makes it look even brighter. Green Paper Cone Tree from @bird_brain_play.

This rope cone tree has a pink and green theme so it will give a bright look to your winter decorations. Has a size that is not too large, making it very suitable for display on the table. Rope Cone Tree from @festivebydesign.

These three cone trees are made using glittery fabric so that they will present a more festive look. The creator decorated it with pearls to make this cone tree look more beautiful and charming.  Glittery Cone Tree from @the_charming_piece.

Made in a DIY project using colorful felt, this cone tree manages to create a festive look. Now you can display it on a table so that it can be exposed from any angle. Felt Cone Tree from @feltlikeaparty.

This cone tree is made using yarn and glue so it looks unique and different from usual. The creator added a sprinkle of white powder to give it a lovely snowy look. Snowy Yarn Cone Tree from @plummum.

Winter Gnome

This is my masterpiece ! This gnome made using felt material with a small size looks adorable. The selection of combinations used in making this felt is very precise so that it makes it look perfect. Felt Gnome from @brogdale_collections.

This is an interesting winter craft. The gnome made using white rope is quite easy to make but looks interesting. The creator topped it off with a hat made using plaid fabric so it looks extraordinary. White Rope Gnome from @thedailydiyer.

Made using pom poms, these gnomes look cute but are inexpensive. The creator chose to use red felt to complement this gnome making it look prettier. Pom Pom Gnome from @yarnolog.

Interesting ! This gnome craft is made using faux evergreen so it keeps it looking fresh without fear of wilting and drying. Complementing the hat and other accents will make this gnome look adorable. Faux Evergreen Gnome from @peacelovebagshn.

Bottle Snowman

Doesn’t this look cute? Its small size and made using a plastic bottle in a hand painted way made it look cute. Snowman is very easy to make and safe for children. Hand Panted Bottle Snowman from @laurakellydesigns.

This little Snowman was made using an old plastic bottle so it’s very affordable. You just need to fill this tiny bottle with some cotton pads and draw on the face with a marker. Also add a scarf to make it look more attractive. Small Bottle Snowman from @our.play.inspired.journey.

Let’s make a snowman craft with me! All you need is a wine bottle, some black and white paint, a ribbon and a hat. You can also add buttons on the front so that it will make it look perfect. Wine Bottle Snowman from @sipparties.

Take a look at this snowman craft! Made using an old wine bottle painted in white, this snowman can be made by anyone, including beginners. The scarf and three buttons attached to this snowman craft will make it look more complete. White Painted Bottle Snowman from @bncrafty_mission.

This plastic bottle filled with cotton will make a snowman craft that looks creative. But you need to add a faux scarf, hat and the face which is made using felt material to make it look beautiful. Plastic Bottle Snowman from @meophamminiartists.

Show your creativity right now! Here you can make a snowman using a plastic bottle by painting it white. Then add the scarf, the face, buttons and hat made using tinsel to make it look extraordinary. DIY Bottle Snowman from @_jstar_1_.

Winter Terrarium

This terrarium is made using a glass cup filled with earth and fake snow. Then the creator added pine cone and succulent to make it more beautiful and managed to give freshness. Succulent Terrarium from @botanystudio.

Interesting right ? This winter terrarium is made using a glass jar, making it cheaper and easier. Currently you can use the winter scene theme so it will make it perfect in winter. Jar Winter Terrarium from @terrarium.by.gregory.caruso.

This DIY Terrarium has a mini size that makes it look adorable. The creator filled this terrarium with snowman, succulent and mini cactus so it looks amazing. A sprinkling of faux snow will make it even more perfect. Mini Succulent Terrarium from @preppyfarmgirl.

Simple but interesting! This winter terrarium has succulent, pone cone, and cone tree accents. The creators added a sprinkle of white powder to give this terrarium a snowy effect that will make it perfect in winter. Succulent and Pine Cone Terrarium from @brierrose.

This winter terrarium has a geometric shape that makes it successful in presenting a modern look. Decorated with string lights will make it look more festive and manage to steal the show. Lighted Winter Terrarium from @atelier.no8.

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