As winters approach, you should equip yourself well with knowledge and tools to tackle all plumbing emergencies that may suddenly occur around the house. Though the problems can happen anytime, the risks go up much more during the winter when the mercury dips. Therefore, it is prudent to get your plumbing system inspected before winter sets in fully and prepare for common emergencies in advance.

Let’s take a look at the types of emergencies that mostly occur during winters.

1. Frozen or burst Pipes

Whenever the mercury dips below the freezing point, the plumbing system stands a risk. The pipes that are running on the exteriors have more risks of the water freezing in them. Since the water expands on freezing, it creates pressure and, if not handled immediately, the pipe can burst.

You can avoid this by maintaining the temperature, even when away. If the night turns too cold, turn on the water slowly, as moving water has fewer chances of freezing in the pipe. You can place a room heater in the garage or any other unconditioned spaces. The external pipes can be insulated to protect them from freezing. You can even disconnect and drain the pipes linked to the external faucets, to prevent the water in them from freezing. 

2. Water heater Problems

The consumption of hot water goes up in winters, especially during the holidays when you have guests over, this further causes stress to your plumbing. Also, if the water in your area is hard, the sediments and scaling are likely to reduce the effectiveness of the machine. Experts recommend flushing out the tank at least twice a year to clean it of all the dirt and sediments. For scaling issues on the filament, you can take expert help to improve the overall effectiveness.

3. Faucet Leaks

Another common plumbing issue that you are likely to face in winters is a dripping faucet. It can be due to regular wear and tear, as well as changing temperature. Tackle this problem by keeping an eye on your faucets and showerheads and take the necessary steps as soon as you notice a leak.

4. Clogged Drains

Another common issue that one faces during winters are blocked drains. You should inspect and maintain your garbage disposal system well and ensure there is a screen on every drain to prevent clogging and overflow.

5. Service the Conditioning system and the furnace

It is essential to maintain the temperature inside your home, so one must ensure that the conditioning and the furnaces are inspected and serviced to prevent any foreseeable breakdown.

6. Locate your water source

One of the biggest challenges in any plumbing emergency is to locate the main water supply point into the home. For solving, emergencies can also call a plumbing company Denver if you need any professional help. Often there are valves to cut the water supply to a particular area, identify them too. It will help you quickly shut off the water supply in the case of an emergency, and it prevents more damages or losses.

7. Keep Basic Tools and Supplies Handy for DIY Repairs

While you plan to prevent any emergencies, there can still be some problems that arise despite your best efforts. For situations like these, it is good to have some basic things at home so that you can handle some emergencies in winter like a clogged drain or dripping faucet. The tools and materials that you should have at home for any emergencies that arise this winter:

  • Epoxy Compounds

It is an adhesive putty that can come in very handy when you need to fix a leak. It is malleable, and hardens on drying, and can resolve a small crack or leak without too much trouble by filling up the cracks.

  • Plungers

A plunger is essential for clearing clogged toilet and drains and proves a lifesaver in these situations

  • Wrenches

You should also have a set of adjustable wrenches that help you perform minor plumbing repairs around the house.

  • Rubber Gloves

When you wish to undertake minor plumbing emergencies, you must get yourself a pair of rubber gloves to keep your hands protected from sharp objects.

  • Duct tape

It is also called the Teflon tape and is essential for finding a temporary pipe leak solution till the experts arrive.

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