Do you want to upgrade your home library instantly? Some people may think about new furniture items or change the wall color. However, you can try to make a DIY project that affordable but give a great impact on your home library decoration. Adding eye-catching bookends will be a genius idea. You will see how cute your home library will be with these homemade bookends designs below. Let us check them out further to inspire you!

DIY Cool Rolling Pin Bookends

Repurposing a broken or old rolling pin into a more useful thing is not hard. The creator uses a rolling pin and changes it to become bookends. No more money needed to make this project. You only have to prepare paints and glue.

Simple Wood Bookends

Prepare a piece of wooden boards and cut them into smaller pieces. Then, shape them into L-shaped. Add a sliced wood at the center of it to support the strength. Feel free to paint the wood bookends or not as you want.

Colorful Painted Concrete Bookends

Make these half-spheres this weekend will not take much time. Concrete materials are easy to find. Just shape the half-spheres and let them dry. Then, paint in any color as your desire. Then, colorfully painted concrete bookends are ready to use.

Elegant Honeybear Bookends

What a pretty project is this! The gold color makes them more luxurious. No matter what, these easy projects are done by only painting the honey bears in gold. So, don’t throw your honey bears can aways. Those are more useful after repurposed.

Bicycle Bookends With Floral Based

Look at these eye-catching bookends will never go out of style. You don’t have to craft the bicycle, get it from the store. What you will craft here is the wooden based done with floral paper. It is so easy, isn’t it?

Faux Coral Bookends

Painting faux coral bookends dramatically changes it into more modern and chic pieces in your library home. This pretty simple project is doable even for kids. So, ask your kids to make these bookends this weekend.

Purple Stone Bookends DIY

Find out the stones and paint them in purple. What do you think? It looks like a galaxy. Affordable and fewer budget projects are anything we need to create a DIY project, do we? Furthermore, this project is super easy and cheap.


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