Have you ever imagined having a DIY garment or clothes rack? This page will make your dream alive by creating your own garment rack. All ideas are rounded up in Garment Rack Ideas To Keep Entire Wardrobe Organized

Wall-Mounted Clothes Rack

Wall-mounted clothes rack Garment Rack Ideas To Keep Entire Wardrobe Organized


Wall-mounted clothes rack is a perfectly stylish place to allow wet clothes to hang dry. Besides, no to mention your most-used spaces will stay looking well organized. The tools you need are a pencil, tape measure, level, stud finder, drill, and saw. By seeing the result, it can be called an industrial wall-mounted clothes rack for a laundry room or mudroom.

Trellis Clothes Rack

Trellis clothes rack Garment Rack Ideas To Keep Entire Wardrobe Organized


Trellis clothes rack is one of the solutions for a small space  It is an easy and lightweight project that leans directly against a wall. Besides, it can also act as a chic drop zone for your everyday cardigan, jeans, and cozy pair of house shoes.

Rolling Clothes Rack

A rolling garment rack is an absolute solution for your little closet space. It has four caster wheels to keep the rack easily movable. Therefore, it is mentioned that this rolling clothes rack is usable in an apartment or rented space.

A-Frame Clothes Rack

A-frame garment rack offers you the best-styled both just a few everyday use pieces that smart for an entryway or foyer. You can use this for a couple of versatile jackets, a daily bag, and a sun hat. The supplies you need are poplar dowels, measuring tape, pencil, drill, drill bit, leather cording, and wood glue.

Copper Clothes Rack

Copper clothes rack build a minimalist garment rack to fit your industrial-chic aesthetic. The addition lengths of pipe on either end of the main rod. Next, the clever design incorporates an area to hang bags and purses alongside your wardrobe.

Hanging Clothes Rack

A clothes rack that hangs from the ceiling is perfect to make the most of your bedroom’s vertical space. Be sure to secure your heavy-duty cord from a solid ceiling beam so the clothing rod can bear plenty of weight. The materials are thick wooden dowel, strong cord or rope, 2 x ceiling hooks, sandpaper, hand saw, and drill.

Wooden Dowel Clothes Rack

Wooden dowel clothes rack yes


If you are looking for a sturdy clothing rack, you can with a dowel. It is easy to cut to size, fit into PVC elbows, and take well to paint or stain. The materials needed are wood stain,  a varathane-polyurethane, black spray paint, wood dowels, PVC side outlet elbows, glue, dowel screws, miter box, belt sander, sandpaper, drill, and drill bits.

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