Having a spacious lot to make a garden is a great blessing. Not all people have an area to plant their most favorite herbs, flowers, or other plants. When you want to make a thematic garden, it will be more interesting to add garden markers. So, you and your visitor can differentiate each plant type by the marker. In this article, we give your garden marker examples that are easy and affordable to make. Sure, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Check out!

Wooden Clothespin Markers

Wooden clothespin markers


Write your plant’s name on a clothespin might be a great idea. Furthermore, it only needs a marker and a little bit of creativity. Your handwriting will show your personal touches. It is easy to find clothespins in the store and cheap.

DIY Painted Wooden Pieces

There are cute painted wooden pieces that make this garden looks so interesting. Find out the wood on a dollar store. Then, pain it with the picture of your plant. It can be an eggplant, tomato, beans, or other plants in your garden. So cute, huh?

Rustic Wooden Markers in Metal Frames

Take a scrap wood to write down your plant’s name. Then, hang it using a wire hanger. No need for any professional skill to make this super simple DIY rustic wooden marker. Even, a beginner can finish this in less than an hour. Isn’t it so cool?

DIY Cork Plant Labels

This easy peasy DIY project will not spend a lot of money. You only need to prepare corks and bamboo. Write the plant’s name on the wood cork and attach it with the bamboo. Then, put on the cork plant label on each plant you have. Simple and adorable.

DIY Easy Scrabble Tile Markers

Prepare wooden palettes and paint them with any color you like. Then, attach each scrabbles tile to the wood. These fun garden markers will work well for any garden style. Even if you only have a small garden area on your balcony.

Hand Printed Labels

Woods are versatile and easy to find. Creating hand-printed labels will not make you tired. Cute a wood palette and paint it in any color you love. Then, write down your plant’s name with paint as well. Put on the labels in your garden.

DIY Painted Rocks

Find out a rock and paint it in a certain color you choose. Then, write down your plant’s name with another hue you have. It looks so cute and fun to know your plant’s name from the rock.

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