Trellis is the bones upon which the garden grows. It is not only functional but it gives style to your garden. If you are looking for the trellis ideas, here is your best answer for that. We have ideas of trellis that give shape and beauty to back patios and pathways. All the ideas are rounded up in Functional DIY Trellis Ideas To Beautify Your Garden In Style.

Modern Trellis

These simple trellises offer a slim and sleek look. You can keep the look bright and clean by using two coats of an exterior semi-gloss paint while for extra ease you may use a sprayer.

DIY Chevron Lattice Trellis

Diy chevron lattice trellis Functional DIY Trellis Ideas To Beautify Your Garden In Style


It is a genius idea to use an eternally-stylish chevron shape for the lattice. This idea will let you have a slightly modern flair in black color. To make it perfect for garden, add clay flower pots to the trellis with zip ties and you can also go bolder.

DIY Trellis Planter

It is a smart-looking trellis that adds weight and structure to your porch or patio. Besides, it has a frame made with 2 x 2 pressure-treated lumber around the trellis to have a more finished look.

DIY Crisscross Wall Trellis

This crisscross wall trellis is so elegant that can be used in the most formal of your outdoor. Next, if you have artwork or fountain that you want to highlight, better you leave out the center space and placing the piece within the space.

DIY T-Post Trellis

This sweet rustic little trellis can be made from only two simple T-posts, twine, and poplar sapling twigs. You can use bigger branches on the bottom and smaller ones up top while the thick ends on each row.

DIY Honeycomb Trellis

This honeycomb trellis will add zing to your garden property. To make this trellis you may use a miter saw to create the hexagonal cuts, next, mount the trellis onto a fence while making sure it screws into all the horizontal supports.

DIY Trellis Ladder

Diy trellis ladder Functional DIY Trellis Ideas To Beautify Your Garden In Style


A ladder is a lovely addition to your patio or porch. Just create this from black birch saplings or the limbs of other visually eye-catching trees to let it extra appeal.

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