Since there are numerous things that you keep on the laundry room, you need to be extra care of it. The dirty clothes, the clean one, the detergent, so many stuff that need to be taking care about. Worry not, we’re here to help you a little by a little. With these DIY ideas below, we believe that soon you’ll say goodbye to the clutter!

This clever hanging DIY clothespin bag will keep all of your clothespins together

Make your own magnetic ironing mat to iron your clothes on that you can place over your washer or dryer

Help prevent laundry mistakes when someone puts the wrong item in the dryer by make your own dryer decal

Building a spot to hang the ironing board using two hooks and a block of wood

Assemble your own huge laundry basket using welded wire wrapped around a wood circle to form the hamper

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This drying rack is built by principle of a ladder and is very comfy, when you don’t need it, just fold it and place wherever you want

The drying rack is made of an old crib detail, which was renovated and repurposed to make a rack

Make this simple and fast drying rack made of an old ladder that hanging to the ceiling using chain or thick rope

Beautiful and functional DIY drying rack for those items that need to be hung dry and just fold it when not in use

Another DIY fold-able drying rack ideas, but it can be folded straight to the wall

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With a plan, a pegboard and a few space-saving tricks, these bright ideas will turn a laundry room into a homey organized hub for washing up

Keep your dirty clothes off the laundry room floor using a garbage cabinet roll-out system and replace the trash bin with a laundry bag

Folding hanger rods collapse against the wall when they’re not in use, saving valuable space in tiny rooms

Build a simple plywood laundry room cart on fixed casters to hold detergents and other laundry supplies

Build a set of shallow shelves, mount it to the wall behind the door for some clever small room organization space

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Make your own lint bin and hang it on the wall next to the dryer

Create a dryer sheet dispenser using an old tissue box cover

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Instead of having a bulky ironing board that you have to find room to store, let’s turn the top of your washer and dryer into an ironing board using a piece of plywood

Create these really cute storage containers for those powders and liquids

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Have a touch of vintage in your laundry room with this easy sewing project

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