Whether you’re re-arranging some pieces or staring at a completely blank wall, the prospect of finding cute wall art can be intimidating. There are so many options and styles out there, and you want to pick wall art that’s a stylish reflection of you and your tastes. 

Thankfully, online shopping has made finding wall art way easier. Online databases of independent artists make it a sure thing that you’ll find something you feel suits you. It’s always nice, however, to figure out where to get started. Here are 15 fun and stylish wall art ideas to add to your home! 

1. Go With an Artsy Film Poster in a Stylish Frame 

A well-designed film poster made by an artist is a really fun way to spruce up your living room, bedroom, or hall. There are so many artistic interpretations of film posters these days that’ll add both personality and style to your home! 

Unless you’re going for a “college dorm” look, make sure you put that art in a frame. Posters without frames may make your home look messier. The last thing you want is for the art you decide to buy to curl at the edges and look childish. 

2. Create a 3D Effect and put your Art on Shelves

Putting framed wall art and photographs on shelves adds dimension and detail to your walls. This also means you can put other decor and even books by your wall art, incorporating different elements of your home into the mix. 

3. Go Simple with Wire Art 

Wire art is often simple and varies in size. Most pieces will be a lightweight and modern addition to your wall. Lots of wire art comes in the forms of body shapes, words, and even simplified maps. Wire art and simple designs are very trendy right now. They’re also great if you’re going for a minimalist feel.

4. Hang up a Woven Basket Collection 

Adding a woven basket collection may sound strange on paper, but it looks like you’re living in a quaint cottage. Especially against a white wall, they’ll add warmth and texture to your space without making it seem smaller or darker. 

5. Go Boho with Woven Wall Art 

Woven wall hangings are trendy for a reason. They’re so cute! If you want to embrace your inner hipster, there are tons of independent artists who handmake fantastic woven art hangings. Woven wall hangings vary in complexity and size, so no matter how big your space is, there’s one out there for you. 

6. Get a Vintage Clock 

A big, vintage analog clock is a timeless staple for any living space. There are so many genuine retro, vintage, and antique clocks out there to choose from to bring a bit of history to your home. You also could save some money and just buy a vintage-looking clock. Either way, it’s a unique way to decorate your space. 

7. Get Modern with Geometric Art

Geometric art is one of the most trendy types of wall art recently. Lots of geometric pieces are made from wire. They’re simple and easy to hang pieces that manage to bring a lot of personalities. 

8. Try out a Beaded Wall Hanging

Beaded wall hangings are making a comeback. They’re very interesting to look at and add a significant amount of texture to your walls. 

9. Get a detailed Tapestry

Tapestries work great as single statement pieces or as a part of a bigger maximalist project. Most of them are intricately patterned and very visually dynamic. Tapestries exude warmth and depth, making your home feel cozier. 

10. Go Classic and Frame a Portrait

Framing a portrait in your home will give your space a classic feel. Whether it be a portrait of an ancestor, a celebrity you like, or a random art piece, portraits add personality. They’re also a great conversation starter. 

11. Get a Pegboard 

Get a pegboard for all of your small pictures, art pieces, cool business cards, and souvenirs. Pegboards look great in kitchens and common spaces and are both cute and functional

12. Get Outdoorsy With Framed Plants

There are ways to buy wall art with fake and real dried plants or make your own. Whichever way you choose, framing some plants will immediately add a light, outdoorsy vibe to your home. If you were thinking of adding baskets to your wall, these could also fit that aesthetic. 

13. Go Large Scale and Leave it There

Find one piece you really adore, then leave the rest of the room blank. Having one large print focuses the eye on that piece alone. Your room will feel bigger and lighter with only one piece of art in it. 

14. Go For a Pop Art Look 

Pop art is coming back in a big way. Adding colorful pop art to an office or living room adds a ton of personality and flair to your space. There are tons of independent artists who work with the style, so you’ll have no problem finding art that looks great for you. 

15. Get some Artistic Wallpaper

Why add wall art when the wall can be the art? Whether you go big with an entire room or go modern with an accent wall, wallpaper will breathe life into the blandest of rooms.

16. Go Neon

Sprucing up your living room or kitchen with a retro neon sign is one of the most fun and trendy ways to decorate your space. While neon signs are old-fashioned, they’re coming back in all sorts of fun shapes and sizes for you to browse. They’re great for living rooms, where you spend a lot of time at night. 

Get Excited for Your New Home

With so many wall art ideas and options out there, there’s no way you can go wrong. The process of finding and buying new art is fun but hanging up the art and feeling like you’re breathing new life into your home is even better. Good luck finding all the art you need to make your home feel fun and stylish. Happy shopping!

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