One of the worst things that could happen to any business is to be ravaged by fire. Its damage is devastating in both speed and magnitude. That is why every measure has to be taken to ensure the safety of your assets against this hazard. 

A key part of the fight against fire hazards is the fire extinguisher. Having sufficient and strategically located fire extinguishers is strictly required by law for all businesses. Aside from being physically present, fire extinguisher pressure testing and inspection must also be done regularly. Here’s why:

Updated with Current Safety Codes

Fire extinguishers are your first line of defence, standing firmly between your business assets and the potential damage of fire hazards. As such, it is important to ensure that each extinguisher will function properly when called upon. A key component of a fire extinguisher’s reliability is regular testing and inspection.

As manufacturers continue to improve fire extinguishers and legislation become stricter and more complex, you need skilled experts to make sure that your company is fully compliant. For this, you need the help of authorised testing companies. 

Hiring the fire extinguisher pressure testing services of authorised companies is your best course of action. These companies are constantly updated with the current best practices in the industry, the latest technology, and the existing legislation covering fire extinguishers. They will out your business in the best position to prevent damages, injuries, and harsh penalties for non-compliance. 

Thorough Inspection

Fire extinguisher pressure testing is just one component of a comprehensive approach to fire safety. If you engage the services of an authorised testing company, below are some of the other things that they will look into:

  • Location and Easy Access

Time is of the essence during a fire emergency. That is why your fire extinguishers must be strategically located and accessible when needed. This will save precious minutes that could mean the difference between a small fire and extensive damage to your business. 

Aside from designating a proper place for fire extinguishers, all your personnel must be made aware of them. This means having a safety map that they can refer to in case of emergencies. Even better, you can integrate it into their training, so they always know where fire extinguishers are located. 

  • Safety Seals and Physical Damages

All seals should be present and intact for your fire extinguishers to be up to code. In addition, the tank must not have any signs of tampering, corrosion, leaks, or clogged nozzles. Aside from the extinguisher itself, the condition of its carriage will also be inspected. Attachments such as the wheels and hose must be functioning properly to ensure that it will function properly when needed. 

  • Proper Placement

Each fire extinguisher should be placed in its designated location. The inspectors will check the nameplate or label to ensure this is followed. You will also be advised to keep these tags facing outward at all times for easy access. 

Keeping your fire extinguishers in great working condition takes much effort, but is necessary to ensure the safety of your business.

Call in the Professionals

If you own a business, you understand the amount of work that is needed to start it up and keep it going. Make sure that all your hard work does not go up in smoke. Keep your business safe from fire hazards with the help of authorised inspection companies. 


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