We will find a thousand leaves around along fall. It comes from various trees. But, what about using them to make some incredible crafts? They are easy to get and free. Even, you don’t have to do any hard thing to get them. Sure, the crafts will spruce up your home decor. Whether for table decor, window garland, or other purposes. In this section, we have gathered ideas of fall leaf crafts that you might be inspired by. Check them out further below!

DIY Dried Leaf Place Card

Diy dried leaf place card

Look! What a simple but incredible idea. A dried leaf with a message on your plate will be a great table decor. Write down any wise words with oil-based paint, or you can write your family name or anything you want. And, it becomes a chic decor.

DIY Shimmering Leaves

Diy shimmering leaves

Take some fall leaves and paint them in silver color. Then, attach them to a pumpkin. Then, we get a pumpkin with a silver fall leaves pattern. This is a super easy project that your kids will love. Sure, you can change the paint color as you like. If you want to have more cheerful pumpkins, try other hues like orange, red, yellow, or even pink.

DIY Easy Autumnal Welcome Sign

Diy easy autumnal welcome sign

Prepare an old tray. Paint it with chalkboard paint. Then, add some fall leaves around the tray. Write down the welcome sign. Feel free to add some berries or pinecones to complete this welcome sign design. Hang it on your front door.

Leaf and Book Fall Wreath

Leaf and book fall wreath

Create a stencil by using cardboard. Draw the maple leaf on it. Then, trace it to the papers of an old book. Then, use them to make a wreath. Attach the leaf paper to the real maple leaf by using glue. Make as money as possible till all of them can be used for making a wreath. You might need several minutes but will love the result.

DIY Glam Gold Leaf Place Card

Diy glam gold leaf place card

This DIY gold leaf will improve your table decor instantly. A dried leaf painted in gold will give a glam look as well. Feel free to add a monochrome style or not. This craft is super easy and chic for your fall decor. Sure, it looks so romantic for a dinner with your soulmate.

Leaf Wall Art

Leaf wall art

Whether you want to use real leaves or print the leaves from the internet, a wall with leaves is pretty awesome. Put a fall leaf on white paper and attach it to the wall. Create a gallery with more leaves and you will get this leaf wall art.



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