Is fall your little one favorite season? It’s time to see what you and your little one can do during the fall days. What about creating fall crafts? Toddlers are cute and they love to make something. Make sure that you choose fall craft ideas with accessible materials. You can use leaves around your home, pick up many branches, or find more beads outside. Collecting supplies from nature will be fun too. Check out our ideas below and get more inspiration!

DIY Apple Stamps

Diy apple stamps


We will find more apples in a fruit store. Or, you might already have an apple in your hand. Well, it is a piece of good news. Cut it into half from the stem to the bottom. Apply the paint to it. Then, let your toddler stamp it away. Embellish with googly eyes, glitters, or leave it as is for a natural look.

DIY Autumn Handprint Tree

Let your kid play with paints. Look at the DIY autumn handprint tree above! It seems so easy to do, right? You only need a canvas or paper, colorful paint, and a hand. Apply the paint to the hand. Then, stamp it on the paper. Add colorful dots to make a beautiful tree.

DIY Marble Painting

You will need a set of a cardboard box, paper, and marbles. Place paper on the cardboard box. Drop a few drops of paint on it. Let your toddler shake it back and forth. Then, see the beautiful abstract painting on the paper. Awesome, right? Take it and frame. Hang it on the wall in the kids’ room. 

DIY Painted Autumn Leaf Monsters

Start hunting outside from now. Find the good leaves. Any leaves will work but choose the large ones. Then, ask your toddlers to paint them any color they want. Embellish with googly eyes, glitters, sequins, feathers, or more. Design the face you like. Finish it by attaching the stick.

Pumpkin Painting Craft 

Pick up pumpkins as many as you want. Paint them with colorful paint using a paintbrush. It is a super fun craft. The materials and supplies are easy to find in a craft store. Your toddlers will love it too.




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