These effortless sewing ideas will directly give you the inspiration to beautify your home. Some of the ideas are not requiring you to have sewing master skill, so enjoy to read the Effortless DIY Sewing Projects To Create A Beautiful Effect To Your Home.

Draft Stopper

Ladies and gentlemen, you can save your money and energy in winter by creating this draft stopper. This craft is popular on easy green living tips where your home will be getting warmer.  The materials you need to create the draft stopper are measuring tape, a piece of fabric that fits your window dimensions, pins, a needle, coordinating thread, and plastic bags. Start by measuring the width of your drafty window or door, cut out the piece of fabric, folding the fabric in half, sewing it together, and grab the plastic bags rolled it up with the fabric.

Arm Chair Remote Holder

This is a perfect idea for you whom almost every day lose the remote control by creating an easy to sew remote caddy. You may choose the fabric that suits your home décor, create this an armchair remote holder that serves a functional item, and aesthetically modern.

Sturdy Fabric Basket

Sturdy fabric basket Effortless DIY Sewing Projects To Create A Beautiful Effect To Your Home


This sturdy fabric basket is easy to make and gives many advantages by the size. You may use the soft fusible fleece or batting in creating this sturdy fabric basket. Moreover, you can actually create this by hand sewing project.

Wall Pocket Organizer

This wall pocket organizer with its letter-sized pages will help you to organize whatever you like. To create this pocket, you may use a heavy duck canvas fabric to create a sturdy organizer like this without the need for interfacing. The complete materials you need to create this are duck canvas fabric, double fold extra wide bias tape, wooden dowel, large hooks, spray paint, glue, level and measuring tape for hanging organizer.

Color-Block Throw Pillows

Did you know that throw pillows are annoyingly expensive? Thus, why you do not sew your own throw pillows? Take your solid-color fabric to your home decoration, measuring the dimensions of the pillow, cut blocks of fabric that would add up to the right length and width plus a few extra inches for a seam allowance. The good news of creating your own throw pillows by your self is you can combine any color any pattern you love to beautify your home.


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