Reupholster project is a simple technique to re-covering an item in your house. All you need is just pick a piece with a simple shape and a fabric that has a sturdy weave and a texture that is easy to match. There is no need a special skill to make on your own. If you think that you can cut out a pattern, sew a straight seam and wield a staple gun, then you are ready to do this project.

A Basic Chair Makeover


Remove your old seat and change out the fabric and/or padding and your chair have a totally new look.

Picture Perfect Back

Once you have done with the chair seat, it is time to reupholster the back. This project is a bit trickier because the back of your chair is often curved.

Boxed Cushions


To make a cute and custom boxed cushion, change your old floor pillow fabric with another attractive fabric.

Upholstered Ottoman

An ottoman is a comfortable place for your foot rest. Create this custom upholstered ottoman to any size you need for your home.

Tufted Wall


Keep your bedroom warmer and muffles sound with this tufted wall project. Attach quilt batting to the wall and then stretched 54 inch-wide fabric panels over it and then stapling at the edge of each panel.

Upholstered Door

Doors are a great piece to experiment with something such as reupholster. This project will make your door a new look that is so unique and yes, it is easy to do.

Fabric Lampshade

A unique left-over fabric for your lampshade will turn your old lamp into a brand new shade for any lamp.

Upholstered Room Divider

2 or 3 panels with dacron inside, warp it with colorful fabric and this upholstered room divide can divide your space in a good way.

Upholstered Headboard

Cut the headboard from plywood, padded it with foam and wrap it with unique fabric and your new headboard is ready to beautify your bedroom.

Grommet-Top Shower Curtain

Find a perfect fabric that match well with your bathroom scheme, sew a double hem, make a hole and insert the mandrill and your DIY shower Curtain is ready to use.

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