Tackling pet odor can be a strenuous job for a pet owner. You probably know or have tried using baking soda, vinegar, different enzymatic neutralizers, citrus, and hydrogen peroxide to get rid of pet odor. Well, these ingredients are really effective at eliminating the bad smell, but not for long.

You need to work continuously to keep the bad smell away. For this reason, many people think of using an air purifier to get rid of pet odor. In this way, you do not have to work at a stretch, and the air of your surroundings will always be fresh. In this circumstance, a question arises of whether an air purifier can effectively remove pet odor or not. 

Do Air Purifiers Get Rid Of Pet Odor?

Getting rid of pet odor depends on the type of air purifier. Some purifiers only purify the air and can not remove the odor while some purifiers can remove foul air as well as disgusting smells. So if you want to get rid of pet odor, you should get an air purifier that can keep the foul smells away.

While getting an air purifier for solving pet odor problems, we recommend you choose a purifier based on your pet. For instance, when you buy an air purifier for rats, do not take an ozone-based purifier as it will be detrimental to its health. Therefore, know your pets well and then choose an air purifier.

What Causes Pet Odor?

The only drawback for pets is bad odor. It can be either the natural smell of the pets or caused by several factors. The natural smell of the pet is not a problem; nonetheless, a foul smell caused by other factors can make your surrounding air stink.  

Poor Grooming

Poor grooming routine is one of the prime reasons for pet odors. Pets require routine baths and clean-up. Even if your pet is a great groomer, it needs periodic baths because of fecal matter and debris. Sometimes food bits remain caught in the coats of your pet and can emit a rotten smell. 

Dental Problems

By the age of three, most pets develop dental disease. It causes bad breath, which eventually transfers to your pet’s coat and skin. After a period, this odor transfers to your furniture and causes the air to stink. 

Skin Infections

Skin diseases like seborrhea can lead to flaking, thick crusting. As a result, the skins of pets develop fungus, and yeast, and trap oil and bacteria. These problems contribute to spreading malodor.  

Yeast Infections

Yeast can build up in your pet’s sensitive areas, such as ears. If you do not keep them clean, they can emit a strong odor. 

Choosing Air Purifier To Remove Pet Odor

No matter what the source is, pet odor can form volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are harmful gases that not only affect the air of your ambiance but also are harmful to your and your pet’s health. Only cleaning can not get rid of VOCs. So get an air purifier that can remove or destroy VOC.  

Ozone Generator

Ozone generators break down VOCs into different molecules. Ozone air purifiers produce ozone and mask the odor by the smell of ozone. It is important to note that though an ozone air purifier can remove bad smells, it produces ozone. For this reason, the EPA has advised not to use them. This purifier itself pollutes the air by filling it with ozone. 

Carbon Filter

A carbon air purifier is considered good for removing noisomeness, VOCs, and dirt particles from the air. The downside of this purifier is that you need to change the filter periodically. The carbon or charcoal filters capture and trap molecules. When the keyholes of the filter are filled, the purifier does not work anymore. 

HEPA Filter

A HEPA filter purifier is good for removing dirt particles from the air. However, the keyholes of the HEPA filter are bigger than the molecules of VOCs from pet odor. They can easily pass through the HEPA filter. So, the HEPA air purifier is not ideal for removing pet odor.  

Using An Air Purifier To Get Rid Of Pet Odors

Using an air purifier is an effective way to capture and neutralize the pet odor as well as for supplying fresh air. Supported by patented technology, the air purifier is proven to provide pure and non-toxic air. 

Remove Obvious Sources Of Pet Odor

Before using an air purifier, you should identify the source of pet odor. If you do not get rid of the source, it will continue to spread malodor. Check your upholstery, carpet, furniture, corners, and other areas of your home where your pet spends the most time. 

Clean And Prepare The Home

Clean your house and all the furniture before turning on an air purifier. Dander and fur are much more difficult to remove as they are not always visible to the naked eye. Use a vacuum cleaner and remove them. 

Place a paper towel over feces and urine to soak it up. After you remove your pet’s waste, spray some water or soda. Again blot the area with a dry paper towel. Now sprinkle some baking soda or disinfectant liquid to sterilize the area. 

Use Air Purifier

Place your air purifier near your pet’s favorite spot. Ensure several feet of space around your purifier so that it can work with optimal efficiency. Remember to shut the doors and windows while your air purifier is on. 

Final Words

In order to keep the pet odor away, you do not have to let your pets live outdoors. You just need to get the right air purifier and do good housekeeping. The right air purifier can remove allergens as well as odor from the air. You can also put some drops of essential oil in your purifier to make the air smell good. Follow the suggestions given in this guide to choose the right purifier and live comfortably with your precious pet.

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