You might have a home radiator in one of your spaces. It will make your home warm and cozy. However, it also can reach up to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. This item is permanently fixed in its place. So, you will not be able to move it alone. Need a professional to do that. To hide a radiator doesn’t mean you have to disassemble it. Just make DIY radiator covers and hide them. Though it will be so hot, the surface is cold. You can put on some plants too to beautify the home decoration.

DIY Rustic Radiator Cover

Diy rustic radiator cover


Pallet woods are versatile materials that most people used for making DIY things. In this picture, we see pallet woods creation to hide a generator. To make this, you need to have at least basic woodworking skills. So, you can finish this project in less than a day.

DIY Radiator Cover With Hinged Door

Again. You need to use pallet woods to make this cool DIY radiator cover. Prepare some nails and a hammer as well because this project will take several hours. The creator applies a door to make it easy to clean someday. Though it looks simple but stylish.

Easy Seat DIY Radiator Cover

You can see in the picture that the radiator cover runs from the window sill to the hardwood flooring. Add some throw pillows on the top of it to enjoy winter days. Sure, your kids are pleased to sit here and enjoy seeing snow outside through the glass window.

Functional Radiator Cover

Make your own table with long legs to cover your home radiator. It will need at least one day to make this table. Put on anything on the table will not be a problem. Even if plants, ceramics, or anything. Radiators’ surfaces are not hot at all.

Radiator Cover Shelving Unit

This dazzling decor hides a home radiator beautifully. Can you guess where the radiator is? The creator makes this shelving unit with a high capability of woodworking projects. It will need more days to make this awesome radiator cover. But, you will not be upset with the result. The radiator is hidden well here.

Cool String Art Radiator Cover

Isn’t eye-catching? The pattern is gorgeous to improve a room decoration. Then, the radiator is hidden well. You can use natural yarns to make string art such as linen, cotton, or wool. And, put anything on the top of it to fill the empty space like toys, photo frames, or others.




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