It is not something new if woods are the natural element material that could be used for your home decoration and really loved where almost any home use it to be applied to the decoration. With its flexibility, you can make varied designs from wood to be the furniture, ornament, home accessories, or any interior design parts like floor or wall. We have compiled ten ideas that show how the woods can be made into awesome stuff to complete your home decoration.

Another interesting thing about wood is that it could be made into varied design style impressions. For example, if you want to have a rustic style, you can let the wood be in its natural look, color, and texture. Then, if you want to make it has the farmhouse style, give a few furnishing touches but don’t let the wood character be lost at all. Not only rustic and farmhouse, but you can also have it in a modern style where you should furnish it well, paint it, make it looks clean and sleek.

Candle Stand

Doing a DIY project to complement the décor in your home is a creative idea. You can use tree branches to make unique and attractive candle stands. All you have to do is take the twig tree and paint it then displays a candle there so it will look attractive. Tree Branch Candle Stand from Architectureartdesigns.

Jewelry Stand

You can take advantage of the tree branch to make a jewelry stand at home so it will save costs. After preparing the equipment, you can plug the tree branches in the wooden logs that have been punched so they can stand upright. After that you can add lights to make it look more beautiful and you are ready to use the jewelry stand. DIY Jewelry Stand from Fantasticviewpoint.

Coat Stand

To keep your coat tidy, you can make a DIY coat stand. You can use tree branches to make a coat stand so that it will add a natural look to your decor. Then you can paint the branch coat stand with brown paint so it will look better. Branch Coat Stand from Lushome.

Side Table

Complementing your living room decor with a side table is an idea that will never fail. You can do a side table DIY project to bring a creative look to your living room. Using tree branches as legs and wooden planks for the table will bring the perfect natural look to your living room. DIY Branch Side Table from Shelterness.

Wall Art

Wall art is one of the things that can enhance your wall decor to make it stand out even more. You can DIY branch wall art so that it will give its own special appeal. Then you can mount it on your living room wall and it will become the perfect focal point with a natural touch. A Wall Art branch from Homedit.

Accent Chair

A chair is one of the pieces of furniture that must be in your home decoration. You can make your own chair at home using a tree branch so that it will present the perfect natural look. Before making the branch into the chair, you should remove the branch skin so that it will look better. Branch Chair from Freshideen.

Cloth Pegs

If you like a natural look, you can use natural materials to complement your décor. You can create cloth pegs using wooden branches and frames. Then you can install it on the wall so that it will present its own charm. DIY Branch Cloth Pegs from Manmadediy.

Pencil Holder

Making a DIY pencil holder is an interesting idea to keep your pencils looking neat at a low cost. You can use the branch to make a pencil holder so that it will give your decor a natural look. All you have to do is cut the branch up like a wooden log and then punch a hole in the top to place the pencil in. DIY Branch Pencil Holder from Hative.

Lamp Holder

You can use tree branches to bring a natural touch to your home. Try making a lamp holder using a tree branch so that it will present its own charm in your home. Before installing the lamp, you must plug the tree branch into the hollowed-out wooden wedge so that it stands perfectly. DIY Branch Lamp Holder from Countryliving.

Mirror Frame

Try to make your mirror look more attractive with a DIY project. You can use the tree branch to mirror the frame so it will look unique. Then you can hang it on the wall and it will make your wall stand out with a natural touch. DIY Branch Mirror Frame from Archzine.

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