It is a well-known idea that one of the best things about winter is all cute animals will always there. There are a lot of winter animals you can create to complete your Christmas spirit.. Therefore, here we have collected the ideas of DIY Winter Wonderland Animal Crafts To Having Fun Every Second This Season. Keep on reading.

Paper Racoon Craft

This raccoon craft is very interesting. Made using paper and paper envelopes usually make it much liked by people. Having a brown and black combination, this raccoon craft looks simple and attractive. Brown and Black Racoon from @eveningstarchildcare

Very creative ! This Raccoon craft is made using origami paper by folding it so it will make it look creative. The creator did not forget to equip it with racoon so that it looks real. Paper Origami Raccoon from @eunaminhabolha.

This winter animal craft is called racoon. Made using white paper in the shape of a triangle, it makes it look attractive in a simple way. The creator made the eyes using black paper to make them look perfect. White Paper Racoon from @craftswithmissjenna.

Frozen Banana Penguin

Frozen banana which is designed to be a penguin looks cute and is a shame to eat. Having a small size makes it look cute and adorable. These craft ideas can never fail to come out in winter. Mini Penguin Frozen from @ellesklingen.

You’ll need bananas, melted chocolate, and edible eyes to make this banana frozen penguin craft. After that, you have to freeze it for 20 minutes. Finally you can display it on a plate. Two Penguin Frozen Craft from @chefbristol.

Take a look at the picture above! This penguin craft made with frozen bananas and chocolate looks different than usual. Besides the cute design and shape, this craft can also be eaten. So it’s no wonder many people like it. Penguin Frozen with Stick from @bringingupfoodies.

Cute and adorable ! This penguin craft is made from frozen bananas and chocolate. Not only cute, this penguin craft can also be eaten. The creator stuck a skewer at the bottom making it look perfect. Cute Frozen Penguin from @eating.with.amelia_.

Cotton Ball Penguin

You can make penguin crafts using cotton balls and paper so that it will look creative at an affordable cost. Made by glue making it very safe for children. Paper and Cotton Ball Penguin from @themelissa.fernandes.

Low budged! This penguin craft is made using cardboard and cotton balls so it’s very cheap. It’s quite easy to make, here you only need to attach the cotton ball to the cardboard that has been made in a pattern to make it easier. Cardboard and Cotton Ball Penguin from @emma_deema.

Take a look at the penguin crafts above. Made using a paper plate and a cotton ball makes it look beautiful in an easy way. Complete with eyes, beak and legs will make it look more beautiful and attractive. Paper Plate and Cotton Ball Penguin from @starbelina.

This penguin is made using a combination of paper and cotton balls so it looks creative and inspiring. The combination of black and white will make it look more beautiful and realistic. Black and White Penguin from @msalexaot.

This fluffy winter penguin is made from a bag of cotton balls. The creators made it on paper so it’s easier and still looks beautiful. This penguin craft idea looks creative. DIY Cotton Ball Penguin Craft from @batul.zakir.

Pine Cone Snowy Owl

Cute ! The Pinecone that is assembled into an owl looks very adorable. The creator used felt to make the eyes and wings to make them look beautiful. Felt and Pinecone Owl from @tiny_seedlings.

Check out these owl crafts. This owl is made using mini pinecone and paper so it’s very low budged. Coated with cotton will make it look snowy and very attractive. Pinecone and Paper Owl from @laceyslearnersclub.

This mini owl craft is made using pinecone and covered with cotton so it will present a snowy look. The creator completed the eyes and wings using felt so they look perfect. Snowy Owl from @everydaybabyplay.

Unique and interesting! Owl craft made using pine cones looks unique and attractive. Lined with cotton, it will make it look snowy and perfect for a winter theme. Snowy Owl Family from @winterdragoncrafts.

Paper Polar Bear

This circle-shaped white paper is arranged into a polar bear so it will look unique. The mouth and eyes that have a white theme will present a perfect monochromatic look. This craft idea is very fond of children. White Paper Bear from @thecuriousfam.

Packaging is not it? Polar bears made using paper look more attractive at an affordable cost. The combination of pink, black and white makes this polar bear craft look very stunning. DIY Paper Polar Bear from @craft_ideas_lavoretti_.

Take advantage of paper plates to make winter animal crafts. You can use this white paper plate to make polar bears. Equipped with the eyes, nose and ears will make it look very perfect. Paper Plate Polar Bear from @childrensmuseumslo.

Extraordinary ! White paper origami that is chained into a polar bear looks very unique and interesting. The creator used black paper to make the eyes so that it will create a monochromatic look. Origami Polar Bear from @lylue_.

So adorable. This polar bear is made using paper material so it looks simple. The edges of the paper that have an uneven surface will make it look more aesthetic. Mini Paper Polar Bear from @caro_k_t.

Bottle Penguins

Unique and interesting. This penguin was made using a wine bottle so it will present a very creative look. Having a white and black color combination makes it look like the real penguin. Wine Bottle Penguin from @billborowski.

This mini penguin is made using a plastic bottle by hand painting. Equipped with a scarf and hat makes it look even more adorable. This penguin craft idea is perfect for a winter theme. Mini Penguin from @thelindsayboo.

This penguin craft idea is very creative. Made using a plastic bottle and filled with a cotton ball will make it look creative. The creator completed the legs, wings and head using paper to make it look perfect. Plastic Bottle Penguin from @eastdulwichchildminder.

Take a look at the image above. This penguin was made using a plastic bottle and the creator filled it with cotton so it would look more real. The red hat and scarf that adorn this penguin craft look even more beautiful. Cute Bottle Penguin from @meadow_simplicity.

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