It is a well-known idea that one of the best things about winter is all cute animals will always there. There are a lot of winter animals you can create to complete your Christmas spirit.. Therefore, here we have collected the ideas of DIY Winter Wonderland Animal Crafts To Having Fun Every Second This Season. Keep on reading.

Paper Heart Racoon Craft

This craft is easy and good to go for Christmas and Valentine’s. The materials to create this paper heart raccoon craft are brown and black construction paper, scissors, big googly eyes, and glue.

Frozen Banana Penguin

Frozen banana penguin DIY Winter Wonderland Animal Crafts To Having Fun Every Second This Season

This is an example of a fun edible craft this Christmas. Anyone will never say no to create this edible craft. You will need a banana, melted chocolate, and edible eyes. After that, you have to freeze them for 20 minutes. Well, they are ready to eat.

Cotton Ball Penguin

This fuzzy winter penguin is created from a bag of cotton balls. Thus, your kids will hang up this artwork on the fridge to admire it all winter long. The complete supplies needed are penguin body printable, color printer, white cardstock, white cotton balls, kid scissors, glue, orange cardstock for nose, and black cardstock for the eye.

Foam Cup Snowy Owl

Have you ever imagined having a great winter wonderland atmosphere by creating snowy owls out of foam cups? Here we give you the information about what are the supplies for this craft. The supplies are small foam cups, yellow cardstock paper, black cardstock paper, 1-inch circle punch, white features, black permanent marker, glue, and scissors.

Paper Polar Bear On Ice

The materials needed for this paper bolar bear on ice are 2 pieces of white cardstock paper, watercolors, black marker, googly eyes, glue, and scissors. You can start by painting a whole sheet with blue watercolor to make it look like real ice. Let it dry then go cut the paper to form the bear’s body, legs, nose, and face.

Pull-Along  Bottle Penguins

For this idea, you will need glass coca-cola bottles, 8xx1 sheets of felt (green, white, red, and yellow), 1 ½ yard of thin wire, wooden toy wheels, thin wooden dowel, paintbrushes, hot glue, scissors, acrylic paint, and yarn. Put this craft on your table then it will do the magic.

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