Prepare yourself and the whole thing for your family to be ready to face the cold of winter. Do not spend too much time thinking, here are the best ideas of winter survival hacks. All the ideas are collected on DIY Captivating Winter Survival Hacks To Get You Through The Season This Year.

Wet Boot Storage

In winter, your shoes will be a dirty and slippery floor. Therefore, you can make life neater and safer for your family by building a boot tray. Thus, all you need are a plastic tray or a large metal baking sheet with a lip. After that, put a layer of medium-sized stones in the tray, so your boots can drain. Besides, to keep the stones in place and give the tray a perfect finished look, you can build a 1×2 frame around the tray and paint it with the same color.

Build A Mitten And Shoe Dryer

Build a mitten and shoe dryer DIY Captivating Winter Survival Hacks To Get You Through The Season This Year

Prepare your mitten and shoe dryer is best for winter. You can drill pairs of 1/8 inch holes in a scrap of 2×4. Then, you can insert U-shaped pieces of galvanized 14-gauge wire. Besides, if you have forced-air heat, you can drill 1-inch holes between the pairs of 1/8 inch holes using a spade bit. Last set the rack on a register to achieve fast drying.

Closet Glove Rack

Finding a good spot to dry your wet hats, mittens, or gloves is always be good as winter survival hacks. This simple back-of-the-door glove rack allows you to dry and keep easily misplaced items organized every day. You can just string clothespins on the aluminum wire, then stretch it between screw eyes on the back of your closet door.

Homemade Heating Pad

If in winter you have a sore neck or back, do not reach for an electric heating pad. Here, instead, you can fill a sock with uncooked rice, then tie the end and microwave it for two or three minutes. Thus, you will like this better than a heating pad. Besides, you can even put some fragrant herbs such as cinnamon or lavender to make them smell nice and fresh.

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