Kids want to be free to choose their path. They want to stay in a home they want, learn in their passions, and buy anything. Unicorn crafts show free-spirit souls. No one can catch you if you don’t allow it. You are the king of your body, mind, and soul. Unicorns want to show you those things. So, creating unicorn crafts will support our kids to know their passions. Check out our list below! We have collected DIY unicorn craft ideas that your kid will love.

DIY Unicorn Artwork String

Diy unicorn artwork string


What about this artwork? It looks so beautiful. You can hang this craft on the wall. It is easy to make it at home. You will need a pre-nailed slab of wood and string. Feel free to customize the size and color you like. We believe your kid will love making this craft.

DIY Unicorn Ornament

Add unicorn ornaments to your decor. They will make a room looks more magical. Furthermore, making unicorn ornaments is not tricky. You will need clear glass in medium size, glitter glue, gold and silver glitter, black and gold acrylic paint, a medium tip paint brush, model magic clay, and gorilla glue. See the tutorials here.

DIY Unicorn Wreath

It is fabulous! How can a wreath show beauty and free spirit at the same time? You can make it soon with your kid. When a mother wants to make a flower wreath while her kid wants it with a unicorn, this wreath gives them all. Get to know further instructions from Brit. co.

DIY Unicorn Headband

Making this craft is not tricky. You will need a half-inch, or you can use a thicker headband. Then, prepare a piece of white felt and stiffened white felt, scissors, a pencil, hot glue, and a glue gun. To design the unicorn headband, you can use gold yarn, craft flowers, and clips. Check out more of the steps to make it from here.

DIY Unicorn Phone Charger

It is so cute. What do you think? You will need a sock to make this craft. Cut it according to the body and sew. Fill in the shock with cotton. Then, insert the power bank into it. Customize it by adding face and hair. See the tutorials here.

DIY Shrink Plastic Unicorn Necklaces

It is a super easy craft you can make with your kid soon. Prepare a printable unicorn pendant. You will need a shrink-plastic sheet, scissors, a hole punch, jump rings, jewelry pliers, and a chain. See the tutorials on how to make it here.


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