Twine crafts are adorable things. They work well for almost all home styles. Furthermore, they are easy to make and affordable. If you don’t know what to do this weekend, why don’t you try crafting? Take the rope, glue, scissors, and other supplies. Then, start making new things to upgrade your home decor. Read more and see what twine crafts you can make soon! Hopefully, you will get more inspiration.

Cool DIY Twine Apple Art

Cool diy twine apple art


Start by preparing a white canvas. Then, draw an apple with a pencil. Use white and red threads. Follow the pattern. Finish it by attaching burlap lines. It looks so cool, right? Put the apple art on the table or desk. 

DIY Decorative Twine Wrapped Bottle

You can do this in minutes. Wrap the twine around the bottle. Then, make it more beautiful by adding accessories like flowers, stars, leaves, or anything. Change your decor by adding a warm feeling with this decorative twine-wrapped bottle.

DIY Twine Button Bracelets

You don’t have to buy a new bracelet to look stylish. Making a fashionable bracelet is not hard. You can do it in minutes. Pick up buttons and string them with twine. Customize the design you like. Follow the instructions here.

DIY Twine Wrapped Ornaments

Do you want to add warmth to your home decoration? It is a perfect time to make it. Cover balls in twine and glue. It will make it stronger. You can use these wrapped ornaments for decorating your home in all seasons.

Twine Embellished Clock

Use a scratch and twine to make this rustic clock. Attach it until you finish the design. Then, add the clock kit. You can use this embellished clock to decorate your living room wall. See how to make it here.

DIY Twine Flowers

Twine flowers are easy. You can make one flower in minutes. Follow how to make it here. Twist the twine into a shape you want. Then, hold it all together by using Mod Podge. Make a more beautiful flower by adding a pearl at the center.

DIY Repurposed Mason Jar Storage

Pick a mason jar. Then, cover it with rope. Use hot-glue to make the twine stronger. Now, how does it look? You can use it as a vase or a candle holder. Easy, right? Just add it to whatever decorative elements you want.


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