It is in your choice, you want an ordinary trash can or the extraordinary one to complete your home decoration. The good news is you can create that extraordinary trash can yourself. All ideas are collected in Easy To Follow DIY Trash Can Ideas For Any Room In Your House

Fabric Trash Can

Easy To Follow DIY Trash Can Ideas For Any Room In Your House


Have you ever heard about fabric trash cans? We almost see everywhere there is plastic and metallic trash can. But this idea will drive you in different ways.

You may note that this trash can not be used for most kitchen garbage, but it is for paper. Here, you can sew some fabric into a bag and using hot glue attach it to a circular band. Then, the band can be wooden or plastic, as they work just as well.

Rope Trash Can

Easy To Follow DIY Trash Can Ideas For Any Room In Your House


Redoing a trash can with rope would be great for you. The materials needed are easy to find, there are a bucket, rope, hot glue sticks, and paint. After that, the tools needed are Ryobi hot, hot glue gun, and scissors.

Ice Cream Cone Trash Can

Look at this cute trash can you can make yourself. The supplies you need are a trash can, hot pink spray paint, light brown spray paint, brown acrylic paint, paintbrush, red ping pong ball, green heavy cardstock, glue gun, various colors of sticker vinyl, mod podge, and scissors. Your kids will be so lovely having this trash can in their room.

Trash Can With Yarn

With yarn, you can wrap it to give a cool new color you can use for the trash can. You will need yarn and some glue. After that, wrap the yarn to the trash can or bucket, make sure you affix it with hot glue at every point. Then, at the end of it all, you will an entirely new trash can.

Paint Bucket Trash Can

Through this project, you can save money on a trash can by using a regular old plastic paint bucket. Meanwhile, it does not mean this trash can has to be a boring old trash can. All you need for this project is a bucket, some fabric, and a glue gun. Then,Β  you can attach the fabric to the bucket with the glue in the fashion you like most.



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