As a parent, we suppose to provide a well-circumstance to our children’s growing period. One of them is by providing them toys. But, it supposes to be not only just a toy for fun but also as a learning media. A learning media for improving their imagination, motoric skill, logic and so on. So, what we mention below are some toys that you can make by yourself to create the fun DIY toys.

Cardboard Toy

Cardboard can be made for anything else besides boxed. You can make some toys by using it, for example making a room interior duplication. This toy resembles a room in which your children can use it as a toy. They will use and train their imagination through this toy. It takes time to finish one this kind of toy, but it really can bring happiness to your children. See more at DIY Cardboard Toys!

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Plastic Bottle Toy

If you have some bottles, my suggestion is don’t throw them away because you can utilize them to some learning media or creative DIY plastic bottle toys to them. You can make a robot by assembling some parts of those bottles then stick one to other parts then finally it becomes a robot. You can ask your children to help you so they will learn how to utilize wasted things to something that useful.

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Straw Toy

Generally, this plastic straw is a one-time used. It is definitely can harm our world. But, instead of harming our land, you can make straw become your children’s next favorite DIY straw toy which is easy, like the toy on the pic above. You can train your children’s ability to use their motoric and logic skills through that toy. So, learning by playing with the toy is so attractive activity for your children.

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Pom-Pom Toy

And this little pom-pom was the craft that I ever made for my little sister when she was 2 or 3 years old. This handcraft made from wool is so easy to make. It only needs wool, scissor, glue, and fake eyes. You can make the colorful pom-pom. Instead of this pom-pom can be your children’s toy, it can be your children’s room ornament. You can make from big size to small that hang them then this interesting ornament can beautify your children’s bedroom.


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Tetra Pack Toy

It would be better if you try to reuse some tetra packs that you have. Make them into something interesting and good craft for your children. With your children, you can make a small town which the buildings are made from these tetra packs. But, you need to paint them until they look like a building. This craft is so easy to make and also a simple DIY project that you can make with your children. What an impressive and artsy activity to have while you have extra time to stay at home.

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Paper Toy

What an interesting activity of this paper toy. You can make this based on what your children’s favorite thing or food, like this pic. It is really simple where you will use the wasted paper that you have. Tough you need to buy color paper, well it is not a burden for you, it is cheap. Cut some color papers into some shapes that refer to an object, like parts of pizza than help them to arrange or let them make a pizza with those parts. It must be something that really attractive to you and them.

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Fabric Toy

For making this DIY project, fabric toy, maybe you need more time for preparing the whole material needed, in case you never deal with the sewing process. But, it is worth to try to provide safe toys to your children. Plus! It is cheaper than the same toy that shows off in front of a toy shop. There are so many sources to train you on how to make fabric toys, but surely you can enjoy the process.

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Bottle Cap

Well, before you throw this bottle cap away, you should see this picture above. It is unique, isn’t it? Well, you definitely can make by yourself, DIY. Your children will be so interested in this kind of toy and of course, you can train them on how to make toys or ornaments by using this bottle cap. The simple thing you can do is prepare some particular shape and size of the cap, glue, paint, and maybe button. Then, use your creativity to turn them into an interesting and unique character. It is worthy to try as a solution to spend quality time with your dearest.

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