Tote bag please everyone to store anything in a comfortable way. Whereas, so many people love to have a tote bag but not really love the style and pattern. Here we have some references for you to create your own DIY tote bag.

Ruffled Bag

Ruffled bag DIY Tote Bags With Free Pattern For Your Wonderful Collection


It is a bag with gorgeous ruffles that looks like a ruffled dress. The materials you need are fashion fabric in 45’’ wide equal to 3-5 times bag circumference measurement, and coordinating thread.

Peek-A-Boo Tote

Peek-a-boo tote DIY Tote Bags With Free Pattern For Your Wonderful Collection


This peek-a-boo tote bag is cute for all sorts of things and easy to project to sew  It has a chevron sewn right in the center of the front. Besides, the buttons at the top of the peek-a-boo section match the chevron print to have a stylish result.

Easy-Peasy Reversible Tote Bag

The material you need is a sewing machine, pins, thread, fabrics for the outside, lining, straps, and pockets. Here you can choose what you carry based on how you feel or what you are wearing.

Braided Handle Tote Bag

This braided handle tote bag is perfect as your wonderful bag for spring. Moreover, it also has a little pocket inside for storing smaller items. The materials you need are ¾-yards of cotton duck in stone, ¼-yard cotton duck in white, 3-yards of bamboo bias tape in white, cotton thread, nickel-plated sew, and braided handle tote template.

Mini Tote Bag

Look at this cute little scripture case pattern as perfect for your comics, notes, and other mini-books. Besides, this project is also interesting for kids, teens, and anyone. The supplies you need are 2 fat quarters were 1 for the outside and 1 for the inside, and also fusible fleece interfacing.

One Yard, One Hour Tote Bag

It is a quick and simple tote bag in about an hour from one yard of fabric. It will be perfect as a gift bag or as you carry goodies with you on your holiday ventures. You can choose any pattern you love, and also suggested using a lightweight fabric like quilter’s cotton. The bag is 16 inches deep and 19 inches wide when it’s finished, so it is pretty good sized as an hour tote bag.

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