There are plenty of DIY tote bag patterns you can choose from. Matching it up to your personal needs is what matters. So here are 5 appealing patterns you need in your life for the perfect tote bag use.

1. The Basket Tote Bag

The basket tote bag is one of the very popular patterns out there. It is quite large in size and it is able to fit a lot of stuff with minimum weight. The handling is also firm in the grip. You can continue to modify by adding a tightening tie around the lip of the bag. The basket tote bag essentially looks traditional and timeless.

Rhinestone basket tote bag, look so timeless also keep your fashionable. The benefits for you by using this craft is keep you look elegant and support natural recycle material.

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Beach time ? don’t forget to bring your basket tote bag. Like this one, creativity and natural blend at one. Just simply bold initial name it by yours, so the others know it’s yours.

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Lovely artificial flower to decorate your ordinary basket tote bag. So interesting, right? this craft that simple to make by yourself.

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2. The Handle Tote Bag

The handle tote bag is perfect for those who need large compartments while moving freely with two hands. The handle tote bag can easily be slid into the crease of the arm as your grocery-shop and do other things at once. It can also serve as your baby diaper storage due to its open mouth and safe handle.

Simple also elegant look tote bag. It’s time to monthly expenditure in market, that is right time to bring your own tote bag like this.

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Green like an nature, likewise this one handle tote bag. easy to bring on also will useful to help you bring your goods when shopping at the market.

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Big tote bag as well freed your two hand. You can slide it into the shoulder of the arm as your grocery-bag and do other things at once with your hand.

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3. The Basic Tote Bag

The basic tote bag is a pattern that all love. It’s simple, fits a lot, and it varies in size. It is perfect for school and hanging out at the mall, the beach—basically everywhere. No wonder a lot of people have this tote bag.

Owl-sketch in simple tote bag, that is matching for you to bring stuff or everything for college. Not only that but also make you look eye catching for everyone see.

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Bee-art for simple tote bag. You can use your own imagination for designer your wish tote bag. Like this one, the bee look so cute and make that not too boring as well.

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Say “hi” with this love-patterned tote bag. Lovable idea to do with this DIY tote bag, of course it’s cheap and easy to do by yourself. So, let’s do it.

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4. The Lunch-box Tote Bag

The lunch-box DIY tote bag is meant to carry heavy stuff because of its built. It represents a fabric box that is perfect for books, papers, and other things that need to stand up firmly and maintain shape. To make it more useful, add a zipper and additional fabric to the front side of the lunch-box tote bag for pens and other necessary stationary.

Simple and tiny as needed. If you looking for right tote bag to handle your lunch or some fruit. It’s the best tote bag that you should have, with floral patterned that you will love.

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Blush deep pink with polka-dot lunch-box tote bag. If you like the calm one, it’s perfect for you to bring this to covered your lunch-box in.
Charming white lunch-box tote bag, with pig-pattern that is so lovable. You will be loved to bring it at school as well your lunch-box.

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5. The Quilt Tote Bag

The quilt tote bag is by far the most flexible in storage since it can expand according to the stuff being stored inside. It is a DIY tote bag that will sit nicely on your shoulder as you stroll around a foreign city and pick up local merchandise.Apparently, the basic tote bag isn’t the only DIY tote bag pattern out there, now, is it? It’s time for you to finally decide on a tote bag pattern to start making.

Layered quilt tote bag is good idea for separate your things. For example you put smartphone one side tote bag and the goods in main side tote bag.
Rose pink quilt tote bag seem so lovely. Perfect for you to bring out in every day, to carrie some things also bring happiness.
Blue ocean with patterned quilt tote bag. It’s seem so fancy to bring it out also perfect to you in summer day.

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